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There were potentially six questionnaires a participant could have completed around the time he/she entered the trial: the Baseline Questionnaire, the Supplemental Questionnaire, the Dietary Questionnaire, the Diet History Questionnaire, the Medication Use Questionnaire, and the Brief Survey Questionnaire.

Brief Survey (BCQ)

The Brief Survey Questionnaire (BCQ) was administered between 2017 and 2018 as part of the Buccal Cell Collection effort. The questionnaire asked participants about smoking history, height, weight, weight loss, cancer history, physical activity, health history, cancer screening history, and gender-specific information.

Approximately 46,600 BCQ questionnaires were collected. The median time for BCQ completion was 20 years into the trial.

BCQ data can be obtained in the BCQ datasets.

Summary Available Data
  • Participant-reported data
  • Covers ~46,600 participants
  • Administered in 2017 and 2018
  • All questionnaires were administered after trial closeout
  • Median age of participants: 80 (IQR=77-84)
  • Forms used:
  • Form completion details
  • Smoking status
  • Height and Weight
  • Weight loss
  • Physical activity
  • Health history
  • Cancer screening history
  • Male-specific information
  • Female-specific information