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Requests for two kinds of PLCO images can be submitted through the CDAS system, as described below.

Digitized Screening Chest X-ray Images

Chest x-rays were used to screen for lung cancer in the PLCO Trial. Of the 237,000 x-rays taken, approximately 205,000 are available in TIF format with a low-contrast compression technique (images may appear black to the naked eye). Nearly 58,000 participants who completed at least one screen have a digitized chest x-ray image available. NCI currently limits image requests to a subset of 25,000 participants (~88,000 images totaling 860GB).

A standardized selection of 25,000 participants, optimized to meet the requirements of most analyses, is available to streamline the selection process. The selection of participants can be customized when the standard selection is not adequate to meet the project requirements. This standard selection includes:

  • All participants with a T0-T5 lung cancer (n=595)
  • All participants with any abnormal/suspicious screens (n=10,646)
  • Randomly selected participants with any abnormal/not suspicious screens (n=7,580)
  • Randomly selected participants with all negative screens (n=6,179)

All requests for chest x-ray images are fulfilled via requestor-provided hard drive. The requestor must bear the expense of the hard drive and all related shipping expenses, including prepaid return shipping. Signature requirement and acknowledgement of physical possession are required in a timely manner. Contact Us if you have any questions.

Digital Pathology Images

PLCO pathology images come from select prostate, lung, colorectal, colorectal adenoma, ovarian, female breast, male breast and bladder cancer patients. They are images of H&E stained slides that were obtained as part of a pathology specimen collection to construct tissue microarrays (TMAs). The H&E slides (and corresponding images) each came from blocks of tissue resected during diagnosis and treatment of cancer and preserved by pathology labs. Slides were digitized into SVS format. The creation of these images is currently underway, so not all sites are yet available. The data are stored at the Cancer Genomics Research Laboratory (CGR) at the NCI.

If your request for pathology images is approved and data agreements are in place, you will be connected with staff at CGR who will arrange the best method of data transfer with you. You will be able to link the image data with the PLCO phenotype data provided through CDAS. If the images for a cancer site are not yet available, this transfer will be delayed until the digitization is complete.

The following pathology image data is available for request:

Cancer # participants # images
Prostate 1,100 3,000
Lung 500 1,500
Colorectal 750 2,800
Colorectal Adenoma 800 1,100
Ovarian 200 900
Female Breast 1,000 3,000
Male Breast 20 50
Bladder 300 500