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There are several types of PLCO projects. Please read the descriptions below and click the button next to the type you want.

Images Project

PLCO images and corresponding data are available to the scientific community. Click on this button to begin a project for PLCO images (no biospecimens).

Requests for chest x-ray images are approved through CDAS and can be downloaded from the CDAS website or delivered via requestor-provided hard drive. The requestor must bear the expense of the hard drive and all related shipping expenses, including prepaid return shipping. Signature requirement and acknowledgement of physical possession are required in a timely manner. All custom selections must be delivered by hard drive.

Requests for pathology images are approved through CDAS and delivered via the Cancer Genomics Research Laboratory (CGR) at the NCI. Once your project is approved and data agreements are in place, you will be connected with staff at CGR who will arrange the best method of data transfer with you. You will be able to link the image data with the PLCO phenotype data provided through CDAS. If the images for a cancer site are not yet available, this transfer will be delayed until the digitization is complete.

Expected time for a new project to have data/images delivered: 1-2 months

View Instructions (PDF - 181 KB)

Begin Images Project
(No Biospecimens)