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The Medication Use Questionnaire (MUQ) was administered in 2013 in participants in both arms of the trial. Data includes aspirin, acetaminophen, and NSAID usage, prescription drug usage, weight and BMI, and smoking status. To learn more about the Medication Use Questionnaire (MUQ) data collected as part of the study, visit the PLCO Medication Use (MUQ) documentation page.

For each dataset, a Data Dictionary that describes the data is publicly available. In order to obtain the actual data in SAS or CSV format, you must begin a data-only request. Data will be delivered once the project is approved and data transfer agreements are completed.

Datasets and Data Dictionaries

Files Description
Data Dictionary
(PDF - 173.2 KB)
1. The MUQ Person dataset contains information on aspirin, acetaminophen, and NSAID use, as well as information on prescription drug use for 58,895 participants.
Data Dictionary
(PDF - 135.5 KB)
2. The MUQ Drug dataset (~233,000, one record per prescription drug recorded) contains over 475 unique drugs identified for 53,000 participants.

User Guides and Other Files

User Guides are intended to serve as a guide to using the data contained in these datasets.

PLCO User Guide
(PDF - 291.4 KB)
For Medication Use Questionnaire (MUQ) Data:
User Guide
(PDF - 75.9 KB)

Data-Collection Forms

The following forms were used to collect data that is now available in the datasets listed above. They are provided in PDF format.

Medication Use Questionnaire
MUQ - Scanned (151.9 KB)