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Here you can browse the complete list of projects for PLCO whose requests for data/biospecimens were approved.

Name Principal Investigator Institution Study Date Approved Project ID
Metabolomic markers of physical activity and associations with breast cancer Eleanor Watts National Cancer Institute PLCO Aug 8, 2023 PLCO-1287
Improving Risk Stratification in Stage III Colorectal Cancer: An Integrative Analysis of Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes and Tumor Nuclei Features Anant Madabhushi Emory University PLCO Aug 8, 2023 PLCOI-1283
Development of biomarkers of aging in chest x-ray images using deep learning Yasuhito Mitsuyama Osaka Metropolitan University PLCO Aug 8, 2023 PLCOI-1285
Transfer Learning for Disease Diagnosis and Therapy Development Herschel Rabitz Princeton University PLCO Aug 8, 2023 PLCO-1279
Breast Cancer Treatment Plan Research Joe Omatoi Mercurial-AI PLCO Jul 19, 2023 PLCOI-1262
Exploring the Viability of New Technology to Quickly Determine All Feature Contributions, Feature Value Contributions, Feature Interactions, and Feature Value Interactions that lead to cancer. Victor McGuire Renown AI, Inc. PLCO Jul 19, 2023 PLCO-1275
Lung cancer prediction model Deyao Kong Harbin Normal University PLCO Jul 19, 2023 PLCOI-1273
Optimal and Fair Encouragement Designs Angela Zhou University of Southern California PLCO Jul 19, 2023 PLCO-1271
Evaluation of effects of polygenic risk score, blood biomarkers, and lifestyle behavior on the risk of prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. Le Wang Zhejiang Cancer Hospital PLCO Jul 18, 2023 PLCO-1270
Development a risk-stratified tool of colonoscopy advanced and nonadvanced adenomas Le Wang Zhejiang Cancer Hospital PLCO Jul 6, 2023 PLCO-1268
Associations of dietary carrot/carotene intakes with risk of cancer and overall and cause-specific mortality: results from the PLCO Cancer Screening Trial Yadong Li The Second Affiliated Hospital of chongqing medical university PLCO Jul 6, 2023 PLCO-1266
Role of directly measured metabolic profile as an intermediate between adiposity and endometrial cancer: triangulation of evidence from independent sources Laure Dossus The International Agency for Research on Cancer, World Health Organization (IARC) PLCO Jul 3, 2023 PLCO-1265
Dietary intake of phytoestrogens and the risk of bladder cancer in the PLCO Screening Trial yadong Li The Second Affiliated Hospital of chongqing medical university PLCO Jun 22, 2023 PLCO-1261
Characterizing the independent and joint contributions of the chemical, non-chemical, and social-structural environment on cancer incidence and mortality in the PLCO Study Jessica Madrigal Jessica Madrigal PLCO Jun 22, 2023 PLCO-1259
Impact of treatment options on patient outcomes in hard - to - treat cancers: creating a personalized treatment framework using Machine Learning to address disparities in developed v. LMIC nations’ healthcare Georgia Perakis Massachusetts Institute of Technology PLCO Jun 22, 2023 PLCOI-1256
In Silico Testing of Hypotheses for the Effect of Smoking on Somatic Evolution in the Healthy Human Lung Sam Janes University College London PLCO Jun 22, 2023 PLCO-1258
Higher dietary anthocyanidins is associated with reduced risk of biliary cancer in the PLCO Cancer Screening Trial Ling Xiang Department of Clinical Nutrition, The Second Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, Chongqing, China. PLCO Jun 22, 2023 PLCO-1257
Investigating the Correlation Between Dietary Fiber Intake and Prostate Cancer Progression and Risk Severity Bowen Xia Capital Medical University PLCO Jun 15, 2023 PLCO-1254
Analyze the effectiveness of CA-125 to detect ovarian and non-ovarian cancer. Joel Sokol Georgia Institute of Technology PLCO Jun 13, 2023 PLCO-1253
Detection of frameshift mutations in microsatellite instable colorectal cancer in the PLCO Cancer Screening Trial Robert Shoemaker National Cancer Institute PLCO Jun 12, 2023 2023-0063