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Here you can browse the complete list of projects on CDAS whose requests for data/biospecimens were approved.

Data-Only Studies
Biospecimen Studies
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Name Principal Investigator Institution Study Date Approved Project ID
Statistical methods issues for biomarker studies in cancer screening trials Ping Hu NCI PLCO Apr 30, 2021 PLCO-779
Optimizing lung cancer treatments from public clinical trial data Shimon Sheiba NLST Apr 22, 2021 NLST-729
Efficient machine learning algorithms for investigating and comparing the risk factors of breast and prostate cancers among males and females Samaneh Rikhtehgaran Florida Atlantic University PLCO Apr 21, 2021 PLCO-777
Image Synthesis for Data Augmentation in Medical CT using Deep Learning Klaus Mueller Stony Brook University NLST Apr 21, 2021 NLST-787
Coronary calcium scoring assessment Hunter GAO Philips NLST Apr 21, 2021 NLST-784
Longitudinal Proteomic and Metabolomic Predictors of Pancreatic Cyst Malignant Progression and Early Stage Pancreatic Cancer Jianjun Zhang Indiana University PLCO Apr 20, 2021 2020-0002
Multimodal Data Fusion of Radiomic, Pathomic, and Semantic Features to Classify Pulmonary Nodules William Hsu David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA NLST Apr 19, 2021 NLST-785
CXR deep learning classifier Anton Konushin Third Opinion Platform LLC PLCO Apr 16, 2021 PLCOI-767
A systematic review of the benefits of screening never smokers who have a high risk of lung cancer Brent White Western Sydney University PLCO Apr 16, 2021 PLCO-765
Clinical Research Education application of the NLST data Kenneth Christopher Harvard Medical School NLST Apr 12, 2021 NLST-781
Distribution of NLST imaging and limited clinical data through NCI public image repositories Keyvan Farahani National Cancer Institute NLST Apr 12, 2021 NLST-780
Predicting risk of cancer in 12 sites using the screened arm of the PLCO Grant Izmirlian National Cancer Institute PLCO Apr 5, 2021 PLCO-762
Investigation of alternative screening trial endpoints Philip Prorok NC I PLCO Apr 5, 2021 PLCO-761
Development and Validation of a Head and Neck Cancer Risk Prediction Model John Cramer Karmanos Cancer Institute PLCO Apr 5, 2021 PLCO-760
Bayesian hierarchical change point model with variable selections in hidden Markov model setting Hong Li medical university of south carolina PLCO Apr 5, 2021 PLCO-759
Investigation of alternative screening trial endpoints Phil Prorok NCI NLST Apr 5, 2021 NLST-779
Survival Prediction Ye Yue Shanghai Jiao Tong University NLST Mar 30, 2021 NLST-775
Multimodal patient predictions Javier Alvarez Valle Microsoft NLST Mar 30, 2021 NLST-776
Identification and Quantification of Cardiac Calcium and cardiovascular Risk Stratification Ashish Gautam KardioLabs LLC NLST Mar 30, 2021 NLST-774
When to schedule the first screening for women's ovarian cancer based on her age and other parameters? Dongfeng Wu University of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc. PLCO Mar 30, 2021 PLCO-758