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If a participant was diagnosed with colorectal cancer during the trial, medical records of treatment for that cancer are obtained. Records were obtained only for treatments that occurred within one year of the cancer diagnosis, and include resections, chemotherapy, radiation and other procedures.

For most purposes, cancer treatment data can be obtained within the Colorectal dataset. Additional details can be found in the Colorectal Treatments dataset (one record per treatment per person).

Summary Available Data
  • Over 97% of ~2400 participants with colorectal cancer have forms indicating treatment
  • Data collected for ~5800 treatments
  • Collected on TIC (Treatment Information - Colorectum) forms:
  • Days from randomization
  • General type of treatment (e.g., resection, chemotherapy)
  • Specific treatment (e.g., resection with reanastomosis, 5-FU)