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Requests for two kinds of PLCO images can be submitted through the CDAS system, as described below.

Digital Pathology Images

PLCO pathology images come from select prostate, lung, colorectal, colorectal adenoma, ovarian, female breast, male breast and bladder cancer patients. They are images of hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) and immunohistochemistry (IHC)-stained slides obtained as part of a pathology specimen collection to construct tissue microarrays (TMAs). The H&E slides (and corresponding images) each came from blocks of tissue resected during diagnosis and treatment of cancer and preserved by pathology labs. Slides were imaged at 40x magnification with standard brightfield settings utilizing the Aperio AT2 whole slide scanner (Leica) and saves in .svs format at the Cancer Genomics Research Laboratory (CGR) at the NCI.

Requests for images are handled at CDAS. If your CDAS request for pathology images is approved and data agreements are in place, you will be connected with staff at CGR who will arrange access to the images via a NIH-approved file share application. Linkage between the images and the PLCO data will be provided in the data delivery package for your project.

A summary of the image catalog now available is shown below.

PLCO Tissues Slide Image Catalog: 13,165 Images
Cancer Tissue type Stain Type Subject Count Image Count Folder Size Comment
Adenoma Whole Tissue H&E 768 1103 931 GB
Bladder Whole Tissue H&E 285 483 185 GB
Breast Whole Tissue H&E 1012 2909 4.74 TB
Breast in situ Whole Tissue IHC 52 434 152 GB Counts includes non-PLCO IHC control slides
Male Breast Whole Tissue H&E 18 56 95 GB
Colorectal Whole Tissue H&E 749 2777 4.32 TB
Lung Whole Tissue H&E 492 1521 1.49 TB
Ovarian Whole Tissue H&E 227 874 1.67 TB
Prostate Whole Tissue H&E 1095 2999 8.37 TB