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Here you can browse the complete list of projects for NLST whose requests for data/biospecimens were approved.

Name Principal Investigator Institution Study Date Approved Project ID
Automatic identification and classification of lung abnormalities via deep learning and machine learning Kevin Lyman Enlitic NLST Dec 2, 2014 NLST-98
The association of body composition, emphysema type, and thoracic aortic calcification with lung cancer George Washko Brigham and Women's Hospital NLST Nov 24, 2014 NLST-97
Cause of death in the NLST and PLCO: comparison of death certificates and endpoint adjudication Pamela Marcus NCI NLST Nov 10, 2014 NLST-96
Downstream testing and interventions in the NLST Vinay Prasad NCI NLST Nov 7, 2014 NLST-95
Probabilistic risk prediction models and diagnostic prediction for lung cancer screening Alex Bui UCLA NLST Nov 3, 2014 NLST-93
Identifying Optimal Cohort for Renal Cell Cancer Screening Yair Lotan University of Texas Southwestern NLST Oct 9, 2014 NLST-92
A Comparative Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Lung Cancer Screening by CT and Chest X-ray Gary Strauss Tufts Medical Center NLST Oct 2, 2014 NLST-90
Multiparametric image analysis and correlation with biopsy outcome Michael Folkert UT Southwestern Medical Center NLST Sep 29, 2014 NLST-91
Development of a personalized lung cancer risk prediction model Pinchas Akiva Medial-Research NLST Aug 26, 2014 NLST-86
Investigating the (cost-)effectiveness of implementing lung cancer screening policies in the province of Ontario, Canada, using microsimulation modeling. Kevin ten Haaf Erasmus MC NLST Aug 20, 2014 NLST-87
Smoking cessation and the manifestation of lung malignancy: A provocative association Mohamed Abazeed Cleveland Clinic Foundation NLST Aug 12, 2014 NLST-85
Cause of death by lung cancer stage Pamela Marcus NCI NLST Jul 21, 2014 NLST-82
Texture analysis of lung nodules Daniel Rubin Stanford University NLST Jul 14, 2014 NLST-80
Applying LungRads to NLST Paul Pinsky NCI NLST Jun 24, 2014 NLST-79
Optimizing Early Lung Cancer Detection Utilizing Computer Vision Techniques Stephen Lam British Columbia Cancer Agency NLST Jun 18, 2014 NLST-78
Patient Factors Associated with A Positive Finding on First CT Screening Exam Alex Balekian University of Southern California NLST Jun 6, 2014 NLST-76
The role of morphologic computed tomography characteristics in the management of subsolid nodules Bram van Ginneken Radboud University Medical Center NLST May 23, 2014 NLST-74
Evaluating long term outcomes and over diagnosis in lung cancer screening using the NLST data Dongfeng Wu University of Louisville NLST May 16, 2014 NLST-73
Factors affecting post lead time survival in NLST participants Grant Izmirlian National Cancer Institute NLST May 7, 2014 NLST-72