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Principal Investigator
Michael Flynn
Henry Ford Health System
Position Title
Prof., Bioscientific Staff
About this CDAS Project
NLST (Learn more about this study)
Project ID
Initial CDAS Request Approval
Oct 25, 2011
CT Indiviual Dose Project (STARS ASA Proposal ID- 201012-0028)
The CT Indiviual Dose Project is designed to use data from the Administrative section and part A of the “Spiral CT Screening Examination Form (SCT)” describing the radiographic technique used for each CT examination in the trial to deduce the effective radiation dose of each examination. The radiographic techniques along with the radiation beam quality obtained as a part of annual QA tests will be analyzed using a Monte Carlo radiation transport analysis to compute effective dose. The individual results will be provided to WESTAT and ACRIN for incorporation in the trial database. Summary statistics from the results will be reported.
Case effective doses and organ doses will be estimated using Monte Carlo calculations, normalized CT Dose Index of the CT Scanners, exam mAs exposures, exam tube potential, case height, and case weight. These calculations will be compare with chest x-ray doses completed by the NLST Joint Medical Physics Working Group.

Note: Prior work related to this project was done in <a href="/cdas/nlst/pubs_projects/project/455/">201012-0028</a>.

Philip Judy