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If a participant was diagnosed with lung cancer during the trial, medical records of treatment for that cancer were obtained. The datasets only contain data on the initial course of treatment for up to twelve months after diagnosis (though treatment was usually initiated within six months of diagnosis).

The Treatment dataset contains one record per treatment procedure received per participant.

Summary Available Data
  • The data cover the initial course of treatment after diagnosis
  • Of ~2050 participants with lung cancer, ~1900 received treatment
  • Data were collected by medical record abstraction
  • Data were collected on the following forms:
  • Type of treatment (radiation, surgical, chemotherapy, other)
  • Days from randomization to:
    • Start of treatment
    • End of radiation therapy
  • Treatment details
    • Radiation: anatomical site
    • Surgery: type (e.g., wedge resection)
    • Other: type (e.g., immune therapy)