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Trial Summary

About CDAS Project, PI, Publications: Vitamin D and Risks of Prostate and Colorectal Cancers: Study Update and Expansion


Site: Colorectal

Inclusion Criteria:

  • No Rare Cancers
  • No History of Any Cancer Prior to Randomization
  • No History of Colon Disease
  • Pre-Diagnostic Specimen Available (1+ months)

Matching Factors:

  • Gender
  • Race (W/B/O)
  • Age at Entry (+/- 1 year)
  • Date of Blood Draw (+/- 30 days)

Match Ratio: 1 to 1

Match Technique: Individual matching only non-cases as controls.

Additional Matching Comments: one subject had an expanded date of blood draw range (+/- 60 days)


  • 25-Hydroxyvitamin D
  • Vitamin D Binding Protein

Number of Cases: 476

Number of Controls: 476