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The following PLCO Sex Hormones dataset(s) are available for delivery on CDAS. For each dataset, a Data Dictionary that describes the data is publicly available. In order to obtain the actual data in SAS or CSV format, you must begin a data-only request. Data will be delivered once the project is approved and data transfer agreements are completed.

To learn more about the Sex Hormones data collected as part of the study, visit the PLCO Sex Hormones documentation page.

Datasets and Data Dictionaries

Data Dictionary
(PDF - 186.2 KB)
1. The Prostate dataset contains androstenedione, sex hormone-binding globulin, testosterone, and androstenediol from 729 cases and 841 controls.
Data Dictionary
(PDF - 195.1 KB)
2. The Breast dataset contains fifteen estrogen metabolites from 382 cases and 460 controls.
Data Dictionary
(PDF - 186.6 KB)
3. The Endometrial dataset contains estradiol from 171 cases and 339 controls.
Data Dictionary
(PDF - 194.5 KB)
4. The second Prostate dataset contains fifteen estrogen metabolites from 195 cases and 195 controls.
Data Dictionary
(PDF - 184.4 KB)
5. The second Endometrial dataset contains estradiol from 283 cases and 283 controls.
Data Dictionary
(PDF - 185.4 KB)
6. The Upper GI dataset contains sex hormone-binding globulin from 101 cases and 101 controls.

User Guides and Other Files

User Guides are intended to serve as a guide to using the data contained in these datasets.

PLCO User Guide
(PDF - 360.0 KB)
For Sex Hormones Data:
User Guide
(PDF - 13.4 KB)