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Here you can browse the complete list of projects for NLST whose requests for data/biospecimens were approved.

Data-Only Studies
Biospecimen Studies
Name Principal Investigator Institution Study Date Approved Project ID
Marty Driesler Lung Cancer Project: Cancer incidence and Survival in Screened and Unscreened Populations Jacob Hodskins University of Kentucky NLST Mar 17, 2014 NLST-64
Recruitment Patterns john gohagan NIH NLST Mar 17, 2014 NLST-66
Time To First Cigarette and Lung cancer, as well as other smoking related diseases Fangyi Gu National Cancer Institute NLST Mar 14, 2014 NLST-65
Uneven Distribution of Cancer Histology in the National Lung Screening Trial Carsten Schroeder Georgia Regents University NLST Mar 12, 2014 NLST-63
Predicting lung cancer patient outcomes using pathological imaging Yang Xie UT Southwestern Medical Center NLST Mar 6, 2014 NLST-62
Development and validation of a clinical decision support system for diagnosis of solitary pulmonary nodules using image-based features and clinical information Yuechen Qian Philips Research North America NLST Feb 26, 2014 NLST-52
Incidental Thyroid Nodules and Other Incidental Findings in the NLST Hoang Jenny Duke University Medical Center NLST Feb 26, 2014 NLST-58
Assessing the Translation of CT Screening from Clinical Trial to Everyday Practice Samir Soneji Dartmouth College NLST Feb 25, 2014 NLST-60
Non lung cancer factors affecting survival in NLST trial Malcolm Decamp Northwestern Memorial Hospital NLST Feb 7, 2014 NLST-51
prediction of lung cancer at early stage prashant naresh RVCE NLST Feb 3, 2014 NLST-55
Comparative Study of Lung Cancer Risk Models and Impacts on the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Screening Process Jeffrey Kharoufeh University of Pittsburgh NLST Feb 3, 2014 NLST-54
Tensor-based Dictionary Learning for Imaging Biomarkers Hengyong Yu Wake Forest University Health Sciences NLST Feb 3, 2014 NLST-53
Factors Associated with Inappropriate Use of Head Imaging in the Staging of Early Stage Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Alex Balekian USC Keck School of Medicine NLST Jan 27, 2014 NLST-49
Application of NLST-calibrated Microsimulation Model Chung Yin Kong Massachusetts General Hospital NLST Jan 16, 2014 NLST-50
Integration of quantitative CT image-based features and clinical factors to develop more accurate nodule-specific lung cancer risk models and classifiers Roshni Bhagalia General Electric Global Research Center NLST Jan 13, 2014 NLST-48
Personalized Risk Information in Cost Effectiveness Studies (PRICES) David Kent Tufts Medical Center NLST Jan 10, 2014 NLST-47
Predict false positive rate for lung cancer screening tests in the NLST data ping hu NCI NLST Jan 9, 2014 NLST-45
Development of a lung cancer risk score for Veterans Nichole Tanner Medical University of South Carolina NLST Jan 9, 2014 NLST-46
Size-Driven Simulation Model for Lung Cancer Screening Deborah Goldwasser Statistical Consultant NLST Dec 3, 2013 NLST-43
Quantitative feature analysis in pathology Daniel Rubin Stanford University NLST Oct 30, 2013 NLST-40