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Principal Investigator
Pamela Marcus
Position Title
About this CDAS Project
NLST (Learn more about this study)
Project ID
Initial CDAS Request Approval
Nov 10, 2014
Cause of death in the NLST and PLCO: comparison of death certificates and endpoint adjudication
We will explore measures of agreement (percent agreement, kappa, sensitivity, specificity, PPV, NPV) in cause of death between death certificates and endpoint adjudication in NLST. We will also be doing this will PLCO data (see PLCO CDAS request).

We will be updating NLST tables and findings that we presented at the Society for Clinical Trials meetings in 2012.

1. Look at agreement with regard to lung cancer death (versus not lung cancer death) between death certificate cause of death and EVP cause of death. Explore by study in addition to independent of study arm
2. Compare final interim analyses using DC LC cause of death and EVP LC cause of death as outcome.
3. Look at patterns of change among those participants whose cause of death changed from lung cancer to not lung cancer after EVP review.
4. publish this in a paper - submit paper to Clinical Trials


Tony Miller (U of Toronto)
Ilana Gareen (Brown)
Phil Prorok (NCI)
Jennifer Rosenbaum (Westat)
Nancy Payte (Westat)
Paul Doria-Rose (NCI)
Kristen Keating (Westat)
Brenda Brewer (Westat)
Heather Rozjabek (Drexel)
Josh Rathmell (IMS)
Kathy Clingan (Westat)
Tom Riley (IMS)
Susan Yurgalevitch (Westat)
Amy Miller (Westat)

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