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Here you can browse the complete list of projects for NLST whose requests for data/biospecimens were approved.

Name Principal Investigator Institution Study Date Approved Project ID
Comparing NLST/PLCO versus Yunnan Tin Miners study with chest X-ray screening Ping Hu NCI NLST Feb 4, 2015 NLST-115
Components of survival time of screen detected cancer cases Philip Prorok NCI NLST Feb 3, 2015 NLST-117
QIN Pilot Project: Object Oriented Data Analysis of NLST Results Fred Prior University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences NLST Jan 21, 2015 NLST-114
Using NLST Data to find the Relationships between Nicotine Dependence Variables and CT Screening Efficacy as well as Survival Outcomes Junjia Zhu Penn State Hershey Medical Center NLST Jan 16, 2015 NLST-113
Deep learning and compact feature representations for medical image analysis Aria Pezeshk FDA NLST Jan 13, 2015 NLST-109
Automatic detection of pulmonary, cardiovascular and skeletal findings and their relation to all-cause mortality in NLST data Ivana Isgum Amsterdam University Medical Center NLST Jan 13, 2015 NLST-111
Automatic Lung Lesion Detection and Classification in CT Sasa Grbic Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. NLST Jan 8, 2015 NLST-108
Computer-Aided System for the Improvement of Nodule Detection and Characterization in Thoracic CT based on a novel vessel suppressed CT Volume Matthew Freedman Virginia Tech NLST Dec 23, 2014 NLST-106
Creating a virtual ultra low-dose NLST data set and assessing the impact of dose reduction on nodule detection and characterization Jong Hyo Kim Seoul National University NLST Dec 22, 2014 NLST-105
Updated Likelihood ratios for bayesian analysis of Pulmonary Nodules Akrum Al-Zubaidi VVH NLST Dec 22, 2014 NLST-104
CT screening for small cell lung cancer Anish Thomas NCI NLST Dec 18, 2014 NLST-102
Lung nodule detection with artificial intelligence Anand Patel Maverick Capital NLST Dec 11, 2014 NLST-101
Characterization of Treatment Received by NLST Participants Erik Henne Uptake Medical NLST Dec 5, 2014 NLST-99
Automatic identification and classification of lung abnormalities via deep learning and machine learning Kevin Lyman Enlitic NLST Dec 2, 2014 NLST-98
The association of body composition, emphysema type, and thoracic aortic calcification with lung cancer George Washko Brigham and Women's Hospital NLST Nov 24, 2014 NLST-97
Cause of death in the NLST and PLCO: comparison of death certificates and endpoint adjudication Pamela Marcus NCI NLST Nov 10, 2014 NLST-96
Downstream testing and interventions in the NLST Vinay Prasad NCI NLST Nov 7, 2014 NLST-95
Probabilistic risk prediction models and diagnostic prediction for lung cancer screening Alex Bui UCLA NLST Nov 3, 2014 NLST-93
Identifying Optimal Cohort for Renal Cell Cancer Screening Yair Lotan University of Texas Southwestern NLST Oct 9, 2014 NLST-92
A Comparative Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Lung Cancer Screening by CT and Chest X-ray Gary Strauss Tufts Medical Center NLST Oct 2, 2014 NLST-90