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Publication Year
Title PubMed Authors Journal Year Studies
The influence of postscreening follow-up time and participant characteristics on estimates of overdiagnosis from lung cancer screening trials. 35809038 Li M, Zhang L, Charvat H, Callister ME, Sasieni P, Christodoulou E, Kaaks R, Johansson M, Carvalho AL, Vaccarella S, Robbins HA Int J Cancer 2022 NLST
MSTS-Net: malignancy evolution prediction of pulmonary nodules from longitudinal CT images via multi-task spatial-temporal self-attention network. 36447076 Song P, Hou J, Xiao N, Zhao J, Zhao J, Qiang Y, Yang Q Int J Comput Assist Radiol Surg 2022 NLST
Estimating the area under the ROC curve when transporting a prediction model to a target population. 36385607 Li B, Gatsonis C, Dahabreh IJ, Steingrimsson JA Biometrics 2022 NLST
Using Cg05575921 methylation to predict lung cancer risk: a potentially bias-free precision epigenetics approach. 35920547 Philibert R, Dawes K, Moody J, Hoffman R, Sieren J, Long J Epigenetics 2022 NLST
Rapid quantification of COVID-19 pneumonia burden from computed tomography with convolutional long short-term memory networks. 36090960 Killekar A, Grodecki K, Lin A, Cadet S, McElhinney P, Razipour A, Chan C, Pressman BD, Julien P, Chen P, Simon J, Maurovich-Horvat P, Gaibazzi N, Thakur U, Mancini E, Agalbato C, Munechika J, Matsumoto H, Menè R, Parati G, Cernigliaro F, Nerlekar N,… J Med Imaging (Bellingham) 2022 NLST
Radiomorphological signs and clinical severity of SARS-CoV-2 lineage B.1.1.7. 36452055 Simon J, Grodecki K, Cadet S, Killekar A, Slomka P, Zara SJ, Zsarnóczay E, Nardocci C, Nagy N, Kristóf K, Vásárhelyi B, Müller V, Merkely B, Dey D, Maurovich-Horvat P BJR Open 2022 NLST
Deep convolutional neural networks to predict cardiovascular risk from computed tomography. 33514711 Zeleznik R, Foldyna B, Eslami P, Weiss J, Alexander I, Taron J, Parmar C, Alvi RM, Banerji D, Uno M, Kikuchi Y, Karady J, Zhang L, Scholtz JE, Mayrhofer T, Lyass A, Mahoney TF, Massaro JM, Vasan RS, Douglas PS, Hoffmann U, Lu MT, Aerts HJWL Nat Commun 2021 NLST
Wavelet decomposition facilitates training on small datasets for medical image classification by deep learning. 33502624 Masquelin AH, Cheney N, Kinsey CM, Bates JHT Histochem Cell Biol 2021 NLST
Assessing Lung Cancer Absolute Risk Trajectory Based on a Polygenic Risk Model. 33472890 Hung RJ, Warkentin MT, Brhane Y, Chatterjee N, Christiani DC, Landi MT, Caporaso NE, Liu G, Johansson M, Albanes D, Marchand LL, Tardon A, Rennert G, Bojesen SE, Chen C, Field JK, Kiemeney LA, Lazarus P, Zienolddiny S, Lam S, Andrew AS, Arnold SM, A… Cancer Res 2021 NLST
Chr15q25 genetic variant (rs16969968) independently confers risk of lung cancer, COPD and smoking intensity in a prospective study of high-risk smokers. 33419953 Hopkins RJ, Duan F, Gamble GD, Chiles C, Cavadino A, Billings P, Aberle D, Young RP Thorax 2021 NLST
Using Prediction Models to Reduce Persistent Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Draft 2020 USPSTF Lung Cancer Screening Guidelines. 33399825 Landy R, Young CD, Skarzynski M, Cheung LC, Berg CD, Rivera MP, Robbins HA, Chaturvedi AK, Katki HA J Natl Cancer Inst 2021 NLST
Estimating the Impact of Extended Delay to Surgery for Stage I Non-small-cell Lung Cancer on Survival. 33630435 Mayne NR, Elser HC, Darling AJ, Raman V, Liou DZ, Colson YL, D'Amico TA, Yang CJ Ann Surg 2021 NLST
Lung Cancer Screening With Low Dose Computed Tomography in Patients With and Without Prior History of Cancer in the National Lung Screening Trial. 33581343 Henderson LM, Durham DD, Tammemägi MC, Benefield T, Marsh MW, Rivera MP J Thorac Oncol 2021 NLST
Combining pulmonary and cardiac computed tomography biomarkers for disease-specific risk modelling in lung cancer screening. 33574075 Schreuder A, Jacobs C, Lessmann N, Broeders MJM, Silva M, Išgum I, de Jong PA, Sverzellati N, Prokop M, Pastorino U, Schaefer-Prokop CM, van Ginneken B Eur Respir J 2021 NLST
Lung cancer prediction by Deep Learning to identify benign lung nodules. 33556604 Heuvelmans MA, van Ooijen PMA, Ather S, Silva CF, Han D, Heussel CP, Hickes W, Kauczor HU, Novotny P, Peschl H, Rook M, Rubtsov R, von Stackelberg O, Tsakok MT, Arteta C, Declerck J, Kadir T, Pickup L, Gleeson F, Oudkerk M Lung Cancer 2021 NLST
Do competing causes of mortality contribute to overdiagnosis in lung cancer screening? 33445120 Durham DD, Croswell JM, Marcus PM Lung Cancer 2021 NLST
Clinical Significance of Lung-RADS Category 3 Lesions in the National Lung Screening Trial. 33722708 Han DH, Duan F, Wu Y, Goo JM, Kim HY, Patz EF J Thorac Oncol 2021 NLST
Deep Learning to Estimate Biological Age From Chest Radiographs. 33744131 Raghu VK, Weiss J, Hoffmann U, Aerts HJWL, Lu MT JACC Cardiovasc Imaging 2021 NLST, PLCO
Patient Perspectives on the Risk-Based NLST Outcomes Tool for Lung Cancer Screening. 33686613 Roberts MC, Seaman EL, Klein WMP, Ferrer RA, Han PKJ, Katki HA, Land SR, Liotta RA, Nations JA, Peterson PG J Cancer Educ 2021 NLST
Microsimulation modeling of extended annual CT screening among lung cancer cases in the National Lung Screening Trial. 33866117 Schreuder A, Mets OM, Schaefer-Prokop CM, Jacobs C, Prokop M Lung Cancer 2021 NLST