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Here you can browse the complete list of projects for NLST whose requests for data/biospecimens were approved.

Data-Only Studies
Biospecimen Studies
Results: 755 (Showing 1 to 20)
Name Principal Investigator Institution Study Date Approved Project ID
Machine Learning to identify airway disease Amir Sharafkhaneh Baylor College of Medicine NLST Jun 13, 2022 NLST-921
Machine-learning-based recurrence prediction in lung cancer Pawel Badura Silesian University of Technology NLST May 23, 2022 NLST-916
Evaluation of malignant risk of pulmonary nodules using deep learning Chang Liu Wuhan University, School of Computer Science NLST May 23, 2022 NLST-914
Detection of Chronic Obstructive pulmonary Disease from chest CT images using weakly supervised deep learning approach Mengfan Xue Hangzhou Dianzi University NLST Apr 25, 2022 NLST-912
Applying deep learning image segmentation to improve coronary artery calcium scoring for cardiovascular outcome prediction Sanjay Aneja Yale School of Medicine NLST Apr 25, 2022 NLST-911
Cancer Types Comparison and Analysis of them (statistical) Nikos Letsios Mediterranean College (Collaboration with University of Derby) NLST Apr 8, 2022 NLST-907
Calibration of a microsimulation model of lung cancer natural history in Australia Marianne Weber Cancer Council New South Wales NLST Apr 4, 2022 NLST-906
Development of Deep Learning algortihms for the automated Calcium Scoring identification from radiological studies Fernando Martin WellSpan Health NLST Apr 4, 2022 NLST-905
Lung Nodule Detection Asma Alkhaldi Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) NLST Mar 30, 2022 NLST-896
X-ray Dissectography Improves Lung Nodule Detection Chuang Niu Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute NLST Mar 30, 2022 NLST-900
Validation of a survival prediction model in participants with lung cancer Hyungjin Kim Seoul National University Hospital NLST Mar 24, 2022 NLST-899
Emphysema quantification using lung cancer screening CT scans: diagnostic and prognostic value Hyungjin Kim Seoul National University Hospital NLST Mar 24, 2022 NLST-898
Dynamic evolution and subtype qualitative analysis of early lung nodule from longitudinal CT images based on deep model Changmiao Wang Shenzhen Research Institute of Big Data NLST Mar 22, 2022 NLST-897
Deep based cancer/nodule detection project WenJia Song University of Queensland NLST Mar 22, 2022 NLST-894
Using generative adversarial network for data augmentation to improve classification of lung cancer Shuting Huang Guangdong University of Technology NLST Mar 22, 2022 NLST-892
Identification of actionable lung nodules with low-dose computed tomography screening: Characterizing the effects on observer performance of a personalized Artificial Intelligence feedback Jessica Sieren University of Iowa NLST Mar 21, 2022 NLST-895
Apply new statistical methods to assess screening efficacy in NLST trial addressing overdiagnosis ying huang Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center NLST Mar 7, 2022 NLST-891
Thyroid carcinoma relation with ovaries using Machine Learning Techniques Geetanjali Rave Ramaiah Institute of Technology NLST Mar 2, 2022 NLST-890
Application for accessing NLST pathology images to validate the proposed prognostic modeling method Road Zhang Southwest Petroleum University NLST Feb 16, 2022 NLST-887
Validating the performance of Deep Neural Network models for lung nodule detection Naglis Ramanauskas Oxipit, UAB NLST Feb 16, 2022 NLST-886