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Here you can browse the complete list of projects for NLST whose requests for data/biospecimens were approved.

Data-Only Studies
Biospecimen Studies
Results: 666 (Showing 1 to 20)
Name Principal Investigator Institution Study Date Approved Project ID
Clinical Research Education application of the NLST data Kenneth Christopher Harvard Medical School NLST Apr 12, 2021 NLST-781
Distribution of NLST imaging and limited clinical data through NCI public image repositories Keyvan Farahani National Cancer Institute NLST Apr 12, 2021 NLST-780
Investigation of alternative screening trial endpoints Phil Prorok NCI NLST Apr 5, 2021 NLST-779
Survival Prediction Ye Yue Shanghai Jiao Tong University NLST Mar 30, 2021 NLST-775
Multimodal patient predictions Javier Alvarez Valle Microsoft NLST Mar 30, 2021 NLST-776
Identification and Quantification of Cardiac Calcium and cardiovascular Risk Stratification Ashish Gautam KardioLabs LLC NLST Mar 30, 2021 NLST-774
Predicting outcome of lung cancer patients using deep learning HÃ¥vard Danielsen Oslo University Hospital NLST Mar 22, 2021 NLST-772
Deep Learning for Whole Slide Image and Clinical Outcome Analysis in Lung Cancer Patients Min Yuan Anhui Medical University NLST Mar 22, 2021 NLST-771
Automated assessment of cardiovascular disease risk from CTs using deep learning Shazia Akbar Altis Labs, Inc. NLST Mar 10, 2021 NLST-770
Development of clinically applied recurrence prediction model through artificial intelligence Sung Yong Kim Infinitt Healthcare co,ltd NLST Mar 10, 2021 NLST-767
Longitudinal Deep Radiomic Signatures for Lung Cancer Prognosis and Treatment Response Prediction (renewal of project NLST-256) Lisa Di Jorio Imagia Cybernetics NLST Mar 9, 2021 NLST-761
Predicting Mortality and Causes from Chest CT Images david wilson UPMC NLST Mar 9, 2021 NLST-762
Creating a reference distribution of predicted lung cancer risk Scott Lee Vanderbilt University Medical Center NLST Mar 8, 2021 NLST-763
Unsupervised Deep Learning Detection of Lung Cancer Nodules Ouwen Huang Gradient Health NLST Feb 8, 2021 NLST-758
A Lung Cancer Risk Prediction Model Through bio-Medical Data Using Rule Extraction and CT image abnormality detection Jerry Liu Prairie View A&M University NLST Feb 5, 2021 NLST-756
Risk prediction model base on low-dose computed tomography screening programme in prevention of lung cancer in China and US Sipeng Shen Nanjing Medical University NLST Jan 31, 2021 NLST-755
Radiomics-based features for the recognition of microscopic vessel invasion in stage I non-small cell lung cancer Lin Deng Jinshan Hospital of Fudan University NLST Jan 27, 2021 NLST-752
Training a mathematical model to estimate lung weight and volume using anthropometric and sociodemographic features Lygia Costa Independent Researcher NLST Jan 27, 2021 NLST-753
Evaluation of Interstitial Lung Abnormalities using a deep learning developed algorithm Anand Devaraj Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust NLST Jan 14, 2021 NLST-751
lung nodule classification with interpretable deep learning models Wang Yizhou Peking University NLST Jan 8, 2021 NLST-749