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Here you can browse the complete list of projects for NLST whose requests for data/biospecimens were approved.

Name Principal Investigator Institution Study Date Approved Project ID
Mortality reductions produced by a sustained low-dose helical CT screening program for lung cancer James Hanley McGill University NLST May 24, 2013 NLST-19
Automatic Lung Lesion Screening Hayit Greenspan RadLogics NLST May 16, 2013 NLST-17
Mortality Reduction by year Rowena Yip Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai NLST Apr 17, 2013 NLST-16
Identifying risk factors for treatment selection in NLST Stuart Baker NCI NLST Apr 9, 2013 NLST-15
Effect of Size Equalization on the accuracy of Visual Interval Comparison of Lung Opacities Dae Hee Han Seoul St. Mary's Hospital NLST Mar 26, 2013 NLST-14
Novel Multi-State Models for Lung Cancer Progression Ling Lan Georgia Regents University NLST Mar 20, 2013 NLST-13
Characteristics of Bronchioloalveolar Carcinoma (BAC) in NLST Paul Pinsky NCI NLST Mar 13, 2013 NLST-12
Association Between the Severity of Smoking and the Results of Screening Low-Dose Chest CT in Heavy Smokers: Does Smoking Matter Beyond 30 Pack-years? Recai Aktay CWRU NLST Feb 20, 2013 NLST-11
Subgroup Analysis of Primary NLST Mortality Endpoint Grant Izmirlian NCI NLST Feb 1, 2013 NLST-10
Effect of lung nodule size threshold on false positive CT screening rates David Gierada Washington University NLST Jan 23, 2013 NLST-9
Modeling progression of screening detected Lung Cancer Olga Gorlova UT MD Anderson Cancer Center NLST Dec 17, 2012 NLST-8
Radiomics of Lung Screening Robert Gillies Moffitt Cancer Center NLST Dec 17, 2012 NLST-7
Predict disease-specific mortality for lung cancer in NLST sub-groups ping hu NCI NLST Dec 14, 2012 NLST-6
Implications of Prevalence CT scan Findings on Future Lung Cancer Risk david wilson University of Pittsburgh NLST Dec 10, 2012 NLST-5
The Cancer Risk Management Lung Cancer Model Anthony Miller University of Toronto NLST Dec 7, 2012 NLST-4
Supporting NLST Investigator Use of Query Tool (QT) Fred Prior University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences NLST Nov 26, 2012 NLST-3
Lung Cancer Diagnosed Following a Negative CT Screening Examination David Gierada Washington University NLST Nov 15, 2012 NLST-1
Establishment of CTDI library for a CT organ dose calculation tool, NCICT Choonsik Lee National Cancer Institute, National institutes of Health NLST Aug 9, 2012 201209-0031
Risk stratification for bladder cancer among heavy smokers in the National Lung Screening Trial Timothy Church University of Minnesota NLST Jul 31, 2012 201207-0029
Estimation of Overdiagnosis Bias in the NLST Edward Patz, Jr. Duke University Medical Center NLST Jul 27, 2012 201207-0026