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Here you can browse the complete list of projects for NLST whose requests for data/biospecimens were approved.

Name Principal Investigator Institution Study Date Approved Project ID
Early Detection and Prognosis of Lung Cancer Yun Li UNC Chapel Hill NLST Dec 2, 2016 NLST-262
Statistical models to predict future subject’s lung cancer risk: application to NLST and PLCO data Ping Hu NCI NLST Nov 21, 2016 NLST-259
Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) and self-learning tool for radiologists for Lung CT using Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR). Sudipta Mukhopadhyay Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India NLST Nov 10, 2016 NLST-255
Longitudinal Deep Radiomic Signatures for Lung Cancer Prognosis and Treatment Response Prediction Nicolas Chapados Imagia Inc. NLST Nov 10, 2016 NLST-256
Tumor early detection and prognosis Hongtu Zhu University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center NLST Nov 3, 2016 NLST-254
Development and evaluation of a retrieval system for a medical image database Georg Langs ContextFlow GmbH NLST Oct 27, 2016 NLST-253
Validation of Emphysema in NLST CT scans david wilson University of Pittsburgh NLST Oct 18, 2016 NLST-252
Development of CADx for pulmonary nodules Lyndsey Pickup Optellum Ltd. NLST Oct 13, 2016 NLST-251
Longitudinal assessment of the lung images Yul Kang Columbia University NLST Oct 13, 2016 NLST-249
Outcomes among patients with self-reported occupational exposures in the NLST Christopher Donatelli University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center NLST Oct 13, 2016 NLST-250
Cancer Risk with New Nodules Paul Pinsky NCI NLST Oct 7, 2016 NLST-248
Cancer detection using deep learning Hunter Park Innovation Dx NLST Oct 7, 2016 NLST-247
LDCT Cardiovascular Automatic Biomarker Screening Study Eldad Elnekave Zebra Medical Vision, LTD NLST Oct 4, 2016 NLST-246
Region of interest segmentation in pathology image Yun Jiang Peking University NLST Sep 28, 2016 NLST-240
Expert Witness, Medical Malpractice Case for Missed Lung Mass Daniel Pennington Mercy Medical Center North Iowa NLST Sep 26, 2016 NLST-244
Lung cancer diagnosis in real time using deep learning AI techniques over cloud Reddy Reddy MCE NLST Sep 26, 2016 NLST-242
The Relationship Of Cancer Characteristics And Patient Outcome With Time To Lung Cancer Diagnosis After An Abnormal Screening CT Sushilkumar Sonavane University of Alabama at Birmingham NLST Sep 19, 2016 NLST-243
Improved lung cancer screening with cognitive computing Shawn Stapleton Philips Research North America NLST Sep 16, 2016 NLST-241
A machine learning approach for lung nodule classification. Alexander Kagen Mount Sinai Hospital System NLST Sep 2, 2016 NLST-239
Classification of lung lesions using a convolutional neural network Shipeng Xie 1.Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications 2.University of Pennsylvania NLST Aug 31, 2016 NLST-238