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Here you can browse the complete list of projects for NLST whose requests for data/biospecimens were approved.

Name Principal Investigator Institution Study Date Approved Project ID
Investigation of Deep Learning based methods to Detection, Segmentation and Classification of Lung Nodules Saeed Seyyedi Independent NLST Sep 20, 2017 NLST-354
NLP and Machine Vision for Development of Predictive Models to Determine Lung Cancer Risk on Basis of CT Images and Social History. Joey Bargo MedMyne NLST Sep 19, 2017 NLST-350
Deep Machine Learning for Detection of Lung Cancer from NLST Images Eugene Demidenko Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth NLST Sep 18, 2017 NLST-347
Computer assisted detection of abnormalities in chest CT scans Joel Pinto Nuance Communications NLST Sep 18, 2017 NLST-348
Technology Development of Deep Learning based Lung CT and Chest X-Ray Reading Jing Xiao Ping An Technology(Shenzhen) Company Ltd. NLST Sep 18, 2017 NLST-345
Improving accuracy in nodule detection and cancer prediction using data-driven deep learning approach Yuan Feng Shenzhen Vega Medical Technology Limited NLST Sep 18, 2017 NLST-342
Selecting the risk cut off for the LLP model. Kevin ten Haaf Erasmus MC NLST Aug 27, 2017 NLST-343
Machine learning to identify, track, and monitor disease John MacLean NLST Aug 16, 2017 NLST-338
Predict histological grade by CT image auto-reviewing Edwin Wang University of Calgary NLST Aug 16, 2017 NLST-340
Predicting lung cancer from chest radiography features Ashwini Suriyaprakash Independent NLST Aug 7, 2017 NLST-334
Ultra-Low-Dose Lung Nodule CT Surveillance Using Prior-Image-Based Reconstruction Hao Zhang Johns Hopkins University NLST Aug 3, 2017 NLST-329
Interpretable machine learning models for lung cancer screening Cynthia Rudin Duke NLST Aug 2, 2017 NLST-332
image deep learning of lung cancer cell Tang Wei Chongqing University NLST Aug 1, 2017 NLST-331
Gist response Patrick Brennan University of Sydney NLST Jul 31, 2017 NLST-333
Role of Image Segmentation Methods in Increasing the Efficiency and Accuracy of Neural Networks in Cancer Detection Zong Zhang N/A NLST Jul 28, 2017 NLST-335
image reconstruction YUNXI JIANG SUN YAT-SEN UNIVERSITY NLST Jul 18, 2017 NLST-327
Enhancement of pulmonary nodule detection algorithm using large scale LDCT data Seungho Lee Vuno NLST Jul 10, 2017 NLST-322
Precision medicine via survival analysis Yan Li University of Michigan NLST Jul 6, 2017 NLST-326
Advanced Deep Learning for Early Detection and Prognostication in Lung Cancer Zeng Zeng Institute for Infocomm Research NLST Jul 5, 2017 NLST-323
Predicting lung cancer prognosis with deep learning Francesco Ciompi Radboud University Medical Center NLST Jun 30, 2017 NLST-325