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Here you can browse the complete list of projects for NLST whose requests for data/biospecimens were approved.

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Name Principal Investigator Institution Study Date Approved Project ID
Joint segmentation and registration of lung nodules Feng Shixiang South China University of Technology NLST Nov 13, 2023 NLST-1158
Lung Function Prediction Project Based on CT Images boyu zhang Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Center of Zhuhai Sanmed BIOTECH Ltd. NLST Nov 2, 2023 NLST-1153
Deep Learning Model Predicting Patient Prognosis based on Lung Cancer Pathological and Radiological Images tian lin Harbin Medical University NLST Nov 2, 2023 NLST-1154
Association between BMI and OS with immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy for SCLC Sinbad Xia The First Affiliated Hospital, School of Medicine, Zhejiang University NLST Oct 31, 2023 NLST-1150
Advancing Lung Cancer Detection with AI: Screening Models and Risk Factor Analysis IVAN MACIA Fundación Centro de Tecnologías de Interacción Visual y Comunicaciones - Vicomtech NLST Oct 31, 2023 NLST-1149
Causal Estimators in Meta-analysis with Missing Data Ruofan Bie Brown University NLST Oct 24, 2023 NLST-1146
Risk Profile Assessment to Aid in Patient Selection Criteria for a Novel Lung Tissue Excision Tool in Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Intervention Lance Black Prana Thoracic NLST Oct 19, 2023 NLST-1142
Towards Explainable Deep Learning Model for Lung Nodule Diagnosis Chenglong Wang East China Normal University NLST Oct 19, 2023 NLST-1141
Rural Lung Cancer Screening Patients and Participation in Recommended Diagnostic Follow-Up Amanda McCoy Lincoln Memorial University Debusk College of Osteopathic Medicine NLST Oct 10, 2023 NLST-1136
Development of lung cancer risk scores for determination of risk adapted screening intervals Rudolf Kaaks German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) NLST Oct 10, 2023 NLST-1134
Addressing equity in lung cancer early detection through identification of high risk clinical and radiographic features in minority and disadvantaged patients. Ameen Salahudeen The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois on behalf of The University of Illinois at Chicago. NLST Oct 3, 2023 NLST-1125
Lung Cancer Research Md. Sultan Moheuddin East West University NLST Oct 3, 2023 NLST-1131
Deep Learning Algorithm for Lung Adenocarcinoma Subtype Recognition Based on Multimodal Data Ying Ji Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital, Capital Medical University NLST Oct 3, 2023 NLST-1133
Incidental Finding of Coronary Calcium (CAC) in National Lung Screening Trial participants: Its Distribution and Potential Implication Ilana Gareen School of Public Health, Brown University NLST Sep 28, 2023 NLST-1129
Cancer risk after radiation exposure from low dose lung cancer screening Soon Ho Yoon Seoul National University Hospital NLST Sep 28, 2023 NLST-1127
Lung cancer classification on radiology reports using Natural language processing Cyrille KESIKU University of Deusto NLST Sep 19, 2023 NLST-1124
Evaluation and Optimization of Lung Cancer Screening Effectiveness Using the NLST Dataset Ted Li China Changzhou Lunghealth Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. NLST Sep 18, 2023 NLST-1123
Reevaluating the Use of Race and Ethnicity in Medical Risk Assessments Sharad Goel Harvard University NLST Sep 5, 2023 NLST-1121
Comparability of heterogeneity of treatment effect findings from two randomized clinical trials datasets: application of machine-learning based algorithms Motohiko Adomi Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health NLST Sep 5, 2023 NLST-1119
Malignant risk prediction model was constructed based on image omics. YUE LI Guang'anmen Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences NLST Sep 5, 2023 NLST-1117