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Publication Year
Title PubMed Id Authors Journal Abbreviation Year Studies
Evaluation of the Lung Cancer Risks at Which to Screen Ever- and Never-Smokers: Screening Rules Applied to the PLCO and NLST Cohorts. 25460915 Tammem├Ągi MC, Church TR, Hocking WG, Silvestri GA, Kvale PA, Riley TL, Commins J, Berg CD PLoS Med. 2014 NLST, PLCO
A qualitative study of lung cancer risk perceptions and smoking beliefs among national lung screening trial participants. 23999653 Park ER, Streck JM, Gareen IF, Ostroff JS, Hyland KA, Rigotti NA, Pajolek H, Nichter M Nicotine Tob. Res. 2014 NLST
Bladder cancer risk: Use of the PLCO and NLST to identify a suitable screening cohort. 25044253 Krabbe LM, Svatek RS, Shariat SF, Messing E, Lotan Y Urol. Oncol. 2014 NLST, PLCO
Projected outcomes using different nodule sizes to define a positive CT lung cancer screening examination. 25326638 Gierada DS, Pinsky P, Nath H, Chiles C, Duan F, Aberle DR J. Natl. Cancer Inst. 2014 NLST
ROC curves for low-dose CT in the National Lung Screening Trial. 24009092 Pinsky PF, Gierada DS, Nath H, Kazerooni EA, Amorosa J J Med Screen 2013 NLST
Selection criteria for lung-cancer screening. 23425165 Tammem├Ągi MC, Katki HA, Hocking WG, Church TR, Caporaso N, Kvale PA, Chaturvedi AK, Silvestri GA, Riley TL, Commins J, Berg CD N. Engl. J. Med. 2013 NLST
Identifying and collecting pertinent medical records for centralized abstraction in a multi-center randomized clinical trial: the model used by the American College of Radiology arm of the National Lung Screening Trial. 22982342 Gareen IF, Sicks JD, Jain AA, Moline D, Coffman-Kadish N Contemp Clin Trials 2013 NLST
The National Lung Screening Trial: results stratified by demographics, smoking history, and lung cancer histology. 24037918 Pinsky PF, Church TR, Izmirlian G, Kramer BS Cancer 2013 NLST
Targeting of low-dose CT screening according to the risk of lung-cancer death. 23863051 Kovalchik SA, Tammemagi M, Berg CD, Caporaso NE, Riley TL, Korch M, Silvestri GA, Chaturvedi AK, Katki HA N. Engl. J. Med. 2013 NLST
Examining whether lung screening changes risk perceptions: National Lung Screening Trial participants at 1-year follow-up. 23280348 Park ER, Gareen IF, Jain A, Ostroff JS, Duan F, Sicks JD, Rakowski W, Diefenbach M, Rigotti NA Cancer 2013 NLST
Effective dose assessment for participants in the National Lung Screening Trial undergoing posteroanterior chest radiographic examinations. 23789668 Kruger R, Flynn MJ, Judy PF, Cagnon CH, Seibert JA AJR Am J Roentgenol 2013 NLST
Results of initial low-dose computed tomographic screening for lung cancer. 23697514 National Lung Screening Trial Research Team, Church TR, Black WC, Aberle DR, Berg CD, Clingan KL, Duan F, Fagerstrom RM, Gareen IF, Gierada DS, Jones GC, Mahon I, Marcus PM, Sicks JD, Jain A, Baum S N. Engl. J. Med. 2013 NLST
Results of the two incidence screenings in the National Lung Screening Trial. 24004119 Aberle DR, DeMello S, Berg CD, Black WC, Brewer B, Church TR, Clingan KL, Duan F, Fagerstrom RM, Gareen IF, Gatsonis CA, Gierada DS, Jain A, Jones GC, Mahon I, Marcus PM, Rathmell JM, Sicks J, National Lung Screening Trial Research Team N. Engl. J. Med. 2013 NLST
National lung screening trial: variability in nodule detection rates in chest CT studies. 23592767 Pinsky PF, Gierada DS, Nath PH, Kazerooni E, Amorosa J Radiology 2013 NLST
Interstitial lung abnormalities in a CT lung cancer screening population: prevalence and progression rate. 23513242 Jin GY, Lynch D, Chawla A, Garg K, Tammemagi MC, Sahin H, Misumi S, Kwon KS Radiology 2013 NLST
Computer-aided nodule detection and volumetry to reduce variability between radiologists in the interpretation of lung nodules at low-dose screening computed tomography. 22717879 Jeon KN, Goo JM, Lee CH, Lee Y, Choo JY, Lee NK, Shim MS, Lee IS, Kim KG, Gierada DS, Bae KT Invest Radiol 2012 NLST
Reader variability in identifying pulmonary nodules on chest radiographs from the national lung screening trial. 22627615 Singh SP, Gierada DS, Pinsky P, Sanders C, Fineberg N, Sun Y, Lynch D, Nath H J Thorac Imaging 2012 NLST
Recruitment methods employed in the National Lung Screening Trial. 22653572 Marcus PM, Lenz S, Sammons D, Black W, Garg K J Med Screen 2012 NLST
Tracking and tracing of participants in two large cancer screening trials. 22561392 Marcus PM, Childs J, Gahagan B, Gren LH Contemp Clin Trials 2012 NLST, PLCO
Reduced lung-cancer mortality with low-dose computed tomographic screening. 21714641 National Lung Screening Trial Research Team, Aberle DR, Adams AM, Berg CD, Black WC, Clapp JD, Fagerstrom RM, Gareen IF, Gatsonis C, Marcus PM, Sicks JD N. Engl. J. Med. 2011 NLST