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Four instruments collect dietary data.

7-Day Food Checklist

The 7-Day Food Checklist is a booklet of 7 identical paper questionnaires each to be completed daily over 7 consecutive days. The questionnaires ask respondents to check a box each time they eat one of the foods listed. The dataset provides the counts of each food for each day.

Participants were asked to complete two 7-Day Food Checklists, one year apart.

The 7-Day Food Checklist data is in two files, one per person and one per day.

After several rounds of cognitive testing, NCI has developed a machine scannable seven-day checklist instrument (PDF, 235 KB) to be coupled with NCI's FFQ, the Diet History Questionnaire II. The instrument has been administered in Re-OPEN, a new study in which OPEN participants have been contacted again and asked to complete additional dietary assessment instruments. Whether its use in conjunction with the DHQ II improves accuracy of self-reported dietary information is being analyzed.

You may view data dictionaries and formats for the 7-Day Food Checklist files. Datasets can be obtained by submitting a request.

For more information, you may visit the Daily Food Checklist instrument page on NCI's website.

Summary Available Data
  • Self report data
  • Completed the first and last month about 1 year apart
  • 928 participants with results
    • 751 completed both administrations
    • 138 completed only the 1st
    • 39 completed only the 2nd
  • Person File
    • Form Info
    • Food Summary
    • Administration 1 food counts
    • Administration 2 food counts
    • Administration 1 food maximums
    • Administration 2 food maximums
    • Administration 1 hybrid counts
    • Administration 2 hybrid counts
  • Day File
    • Form Info
    • Day Info
    • Food Checkboxes
    • Food Counts
    • Food Maximums
    • Food Hybrid Counts
    • Food Completion Status