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Four instruments collect dietary data.


The ASA24 was an online self-administered 24-hour recall of dietary data. The version used in IDATA was ASA24-2011. Foods, supplements, nutrients and MyPyramid equivalents data was compiled using the USDA Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary Studies (FNDDS) (version 4.1), the USDA MyPyramid Equivalents Database (MPED) (version 2.0), and the NHANES Dietary Supplement Database (DSD) (2007-08). More information on ASA24 can be found at:

The ASA24 files are provided two ways: one set of files includes all attempts (including incomplete attempts and extra complete attempts after the participant had already completed a recall for that administration) and another set has been created that includes only the 1st completed attempt in each of the 6 administrations. The latter set of data files, those containing only the 1st completed attempts) is recommended for analysis.

Click here for data dictionaries and formats for the ASA24 files. Datasets can be obtained by submitting a request.

Summary Available Data
  • Self-reported online data of diet for the previous day from midnight to midnight
  • Completed 6 times per person every 2 months
  • ~995 participants with results
    • ~665 completed all 6 administrations
  • My Selections file: food and supplement names from the Quick List, probe questions and answers
  • Individual Foods file: FNDDS food codes, gram weights and nutrients for each food reported.
  • Daily Total Nutrients file: FNDDS nutrients from all foods in a given day for each recall.
  • Individual Foods My Pyramid HEI file: FNDDS Food Codes, gram weights, My Pyramid Equivalents and Healthy Eating Index (HEI) Whole Fruits
  • Daily Total Nutrients My Pyramid HEI: Nutrients, My Pyramid Equivalents, and HEI Whole Fruits from all foods in a given day
  • Individual Supplements file: Supplement codes with their nutrients – keeping only those nutrients that are related to the FNDDS
  • Daily Total Supplements: Total nutrients from all supplements reported in a given day – keeping only those nutrients that are related to the FNDDS.
  • Daily Total Nutrients from Foods and Supplements: FNDDS nutrients from all foods and supplements reported in a given day.