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Posted on June 27, 2013, 1 a.m. in PLCO

New PLCO cancer data added. Data version: may13.d051713

  • Biliary Cancer was identified as a cancer of interest. A new dataset is included for biliary cancer. The biliary dataset has the same structure as the existing cancer of interest datasets with the addition of variables bili_type and bili_type2nd, describing the specific nature of the biliary cancer.
  • Added to all cancer datasets:
    • dcf_unddeath_ccode - What is Cause of Death Cancer Code from Death Certificate?
    • f_unddeath_ccode - What is Final Underlying Cause of Death Cancer Code? These provide the 3 digit cancer code to describe cancers for which an ICD code has not yet been determined (e.g. reported cancers not yet confirmed).
  • Added to UPGI (upper GI) dataset (differentiates between stomach and esophagus):
    • dcf_dthupgi - Is UPGI Cancer The Underlying Cause Of Death (From The Death Certificate)?
    • f_dthupgi - Is UPGI Cancer The Underlying Cause Of Death?
  • Added to the endoscopy dataset (advanced):
    • de_prompt - Was the DEC prompted by a positive screen or by a cancer diagnosis?
    • screen_fsg - Was the Endoscopy a Screening FSG?
  • Larynx was added to the definition of head-and-neck cancer.
  • Colon tumor location variables were renamed :
    • colo_tumrloc_side becomes colon_location_side
    • colo_tumrloc_summary becomes colon_location_summary
    • Colon tumor location variables no longer tablulate insitu colon cancers

New PLCO questionnaire data added:

New PLCO ancillary study data added:

New PLCO lab data added:

The total PLCO population now has 154,898 participants. Over the course of the trial this number decreases due to participants withdrawing, improper consent at randomization or duplication at randomization.