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Here you can browse the complete list of projects on CDAS whose requests for data/biospecimens were approved.

Name Principal Investigator Institution Study Date Approved Project ID
Improving lung cancer risk prediction with artificial intelligence Chiara Paganelli Politecnico di Milano NLST Jun 15, 2023 NLST-1087
Development of a Nodule Risk Calculator using NLST Data Christopher Towe University Hospitals NLST Jun 15, 2023 NLST-1086
Investigating the Correlation Between Dietary Fiber Intake and Prostate Cancer Progression and Risk Severity Bowen Xia Capital Medical University PLCO Jun 15, 2023 PLCO-1254
Analyze the effectiveness of CA-125 to detect ovarian and non-ovarian cancer. Joel Sokol Georgia Institute of Technology PLCO Jun 13, 2023 PLCO-1253
Detection of frameshift mutations in microsatellite instable colorectal cancer in the PLCO Cancer Screening Trial Robert Shoemaker National Cancer Institute PLCO Jun 12, 2023 2023-0063
Environmental and Metabolic Phenotyping of the Blood Cancer Exposome Douglas Walker Emory University PLCO Jun 12, 2023 2023-0062
Quantifying the proteome: exploratory associations with hepatocellular carcinoma Eleanor Watts Eleanor L. Watts PLCO Jun 12, 2023 2023-0061
Characterizing the role of disruptive changes in native stromal architecture and cell composition in the etiopathogenesis and natural history of multi-state colorectal and prostate cancers Mustapha Abubakar Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, USA PLCO Jun 12, 2023 2023-0058
Validation of Pathways-Based Biomarkers for the Early Detection of Prediagnostic Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma in the Blood Ann Killary The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center PLCO Jun 12, 2023 2023-0056
Ceramides as drivers of metabolic dysfunction and colorectal cancer risk Mary Playdon University of Utah and Huntsman Cancer Institute PLCO Jun 12, 2023 2023-0050
improving prognosis prediction of colorectal cancer and discover prognostic new biomarkers from whole slide images using deep learning binshen wei Harbin Medical University PLCO Jun 8, 2023 PLCOI-1251
Lung Cancer Risk Research Chao Lang Qingdao Central Hospital NLST Jun 7, 2023 NLST-1085
Explainable multi-label prediction of respiratory conditions in CTs with multi-task Dirichlet-prior VAE Rachael Harkness University of Leeds NLST Jun 6, 2023 NLST-1084
The mining of big data in health science of multi-disease and population characteristics Yike Qiu Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications PLCO Jun 6, 2023 PLCO-1249
Competing risks model with application to lung cancer and breast cancer in PLCO Minjung Lee Kangwon National University PLCO Jun 6, 2023 PLCO-1248
External validation of a chest radiograph-based prognostic model Jongmin Kim MEDICAL IP PLCO Jun 2, 2023 PLCOI-1242
Development and validation of a report generation model for the low-dose chest CT scans Hyungjin Kim Seoul National University Hospital NLST Jun 2, 2023 NLST-1081
Survival Analysis based on WSI images Ruofan Zhang Institute of Automation, CAS NLST Jun 2, 2023 NLST-1080
Prediction of pulmonary nodular malignant wind and its progression based on axial attention and lung CT lehua yu Hunan University Of Science And Technology NLST Jun 2, 2023 NLST-1069
Multimodal AI Algorithms for Diagnosis and Prognosis in Lung Cancer Daniel Rückert Technical University of Munich (TUM) NLST Jun 2, 2023 NLST-1075