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Here you can browse the complete list of projects on CDAS whose requests for data/biospecimens were approved.

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Name Principal Investigator Institution Study Date Approved Project ID
Validation of an AI-powered IASLC grading system for lung adenocarcinoma Shuoyu Xu Bio-totem Pte Ltd NLST Jul 8, 2024 NLST-1290
Early Diagnosis of Lung Cancer Based on Multimodal Data qifan huang Wuhan University of Technology NLST Jul 8, 2024 NLST-1276
Validation of Diameter Thresholds for Pure Ground-Glass Pulmonary Nodules in Low-Dose CT Lung Cancer Screening: A Comparative Study with the Chinese Large-Scale Screening Project Using NLST Cohort Data Wenjun Ye The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University NLST Jul 8, 2024 NLST-1280
Validation of an AI-powered IASLC grading system for lung adenocarcinoma Shuoyu Xu Bio-totem Pte Ltd PLCO Jul 8, 2024 PLCOI-1616
Exploring the Association Between Environmental Factors, Genetic Factors, and the Incidence of Lung Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Chronic Diseases, and Comorbidities Using the PLCO Database Fulan Hu Shenzhen University Medical School PLCO Jul 8, 2024 PLCO-1613
Biomarkers for Head and Neck Cancer Uday Kumbhar Innotech Precision Medicine PLCO Jul 8, 2024 PLCO-1571
Modification role of tea in the association of dietary meat/fat intake with obesity and cancer risk Sijia Cai Tsinghua University PLCO Jul 8, 2024 PLCO-1604
Marker Discovery and Prognostic Modeling in Prostate Cancer to Identify Optimal Therapy and Intervention. sumit maan Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi PLCO Jun 24, 2024 PLCOI-1594
Genetics of prostate cancer survival in African-American men Robert Klein Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai PLCO Jun 17, 2024 2024-0110
AI-Enhanced Lung Cancer Risk Prediction and Nodule Detection Mohammad Monir Uddin North South University NLST Jun 17, 2024 NLST-1270
Design and development of an AI algorithm to predict recurrence and treatment response in NSCLC patients from CT and pathology images Raffaella Massafra Istituto Tumori "Giovanni Paolo II" I.R.C.C.S. NLST Jun 17, 2024 NLST-1269
Automated classification/ detection of Incidental Findings in LCS scans Colin Jacobs Radboud University Medical Center NLST Jun 17, 2024 NLST-1268
The deep learning model to predict lung cancer risk within the next 3 years by once Low-dose computed tomography screening Lei Shi Radiology Department of Zhejiang Cancer Hospital NLST Jun 17, 2024 NLST-1265
Investigating Potential of Ethnicity Information Embedded in Medical Images Rasika Rajapakshe BC Cancer, part of the Provincial Health Services Authority NLST Jun 17, 2024 NLST-1264
Analyzing the Utility of Smoking Cessation Requirements in the Morbidity and Mortality of Current and Former Smokers Undergoing Lung Resection Robert Van Haren University of Cincinnati Medical Center NLST Jun 17, 2024 NLST-1262
Association of a poly-metabolite score for ultra-processed food intake and breast cancer risk Leila Abar National Cancer Institute PLCO Jun 17, 2024 PLCO-1596
Poly-metabolite score of adherence to the 2018 World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF)/American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) Cancer Prevention Recommendations in the Interactive Diet and Activity Tracking in AARP (IDATA) Study Erikka Loftfield Erikka Loftfield Cronin IDATA Jun 14, 2024 IDATA-74
Developing polygenic risk models for complex traits and diseases Jianxin Shi NCI PLCO Jun 7, 2024 PLCO-1577
Metabolites related to gut microbiota, polygenic risk score and cancer Risk Fangfang Song Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital PLCO Jun 7, 2024 PLCO-1590
Develop an end-to-end LLM-powered application tailored for precise care of cancer patients with advance features Ananya Singh Indian Institute of Technology PLCO Jun 7, 2024 PLCO-1586