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Here you can browse the complete list of publications for studies listed on CDAS.

Publication Year
Title PubMed Authors Journal Year Studies
Antinuclear Antibodies Are Associated with an Increased Risk of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma. 37958403 Frost E, Hofmann JN, Huang WY, Parks CG, Frazer-Abel AA, Deane KD, Berndt SI Cancers (Basel) 2023 PLCO
Association between dietary anthocyanidins and biliary cancer risk in 98,458 participants: Results from a prospective study. 37938800 Xiang L, Wu D, Xu Z, Tang Y, He H, Wang Y, Gu H, Peng L Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2023 PLCO
Absolute lung cancer risk increases among individuals with >15 quit-years: Analyses to inform the update of the American Cancer Society lung cancer screening guidelines. 37909885 Landy R, Cheung LC, Young CD, Chaturvedi AK, Katki HA Cancer 2023 NLST, PLCO
Benefit-to-radiation-risk of low-dose computed tomography lung cancer screening. 37909872 Hendrick RE, Smith RA Cancer 2023 NLST
Garlic consumption and colorectal cancer risk in US adults: a large prospective cohort study. 38125729 Jiang Z, Chen H, Li M, Wang W, Long F, Fan C Front Nutr 2023 PLCO
Associations between Two Dietary Quality Scores and Pancreatic Cancer Risk in a US National Prospective Cohort Study. 38096044 Hoyt M, Song Y, Gao S, O'Palka J, Zhang J J Am Nutr Assoc 2023 PLCO
Age-related Muscle Fat Infiltration in Lung Screening Participants: Impact of Smoking Cessation. 38106099 Xu K, Li TZ, Terry JG, Krishnan AR, Deppen SA, Huo Y, Maldonado F, Carr JJ, Landman BA, Sandler KL medRxiv 2023 NLST
Privacy-preserving analysis of time-to-event data under nested case-control sampling. 38093410 Juwara L, Yang YA, Velly AM, Saha-Chaudhuri P Stat Methods Med Res 2023 NLST
Systematically missing data in causally interpretable meta-analysis Jon A Steingrimsson, David H Barker, Ruofan Bie, Issa J Dahabreh biostatistics 2023 PLCO
Characterizing prostate cancer risk through multi-ancestry genome-wide discovery of 187 novel risk variants. 37945903 Wang A, Shen J, Rodriguez AA, Saunders EJ, Chen F, Janivara R, Darst BF, Sheng X, Xu Y, Chou AJ, Benlloch S, Dadaev T, Brook MN, Plym A, Sahimi A, Hoffman TJ, Takahashi A, Matsuda K, Momozawa Y, Fujita M, Laisk T, Figuerêdo J, Muir K, Ito S, Liu X, … Nat Genet 2023 PLCO
Genetically adjusted PSA levels for prostate cancer screening. 37264206 Kachuri L, Hoffmann TJ, Jiang Y, Berndt SI, Shelley JP, Schaffer KR, Machiela MJ, Freedman ND, Huang WY, Li SA, Easterlin R, Goodman PJ, Till C, Thompson I, Lilja H, Van Den Eeden SK, Chanock SJ, Haiman CA, Conti DV, Klein RJ, Mosley JD, Graff RE, W… Nat Med 2023 PLCO
Genetic Susceptibility to Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Risk for Pancreatic Cancer: Mendelian Randomization. 37351909 King SD, Veliginti S, Brouwers MCGJ, Ren Z, Zheng W, Setiawan VW, Wilkens LR, Shu XO, Arslan AA, Beane Freeman LE, Bracci PM, Canzian F, Du M, Gallinger SJ, Giles GG, Goodman PJ, Haiman CA, Kogevinas M, Kooperberg C, LeMarchand L, Neale RE, Visvanat… Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2023 PLCO
Genome-wide analyses characterize shared heritability among cancers and identify novel cancer susceptibility regions. 36929942 Lindström S, Wang L, Feng H, Majumdar A, Huo S, Macdonald J, Harrison T, Turman C, Chen H, Mancuso N, Bammler T, Breast Cancer Association Consortium (BCAC), Gallinger S, Gruber SB, Gunter MJ, Le Marchand L, Moreno V, Offit K, Colorectal Transdiscip… J Natl Cancer Inst 2023 PLCO
Genome-wide interaction analysis of folate for colorectal cancer risk. 37640106 Bouras E, Kim AE, Lin Y, Morrison J, Du M, Albanes D, Barry EL, Baurley JW, Berndt SI, Bien SA, Bishop TD, Brenner H, Budiarto A, Burnett-Hartman A, Campbell PT, Carreras-Torres R, Casey G, Cenggoro TW, Chan AT, Chang-Claude J, Conti DV, Cotterchio … Am J Clin Nutr 2023 PLCO
Probing the diabetes and colorectal cancer relationship using gene - environment interaction analyses. 37365285 Dimou N, Kim AE, Flanagan O, Murphy N, Diez-Obrero V, Shcherbina A, Aglago EK, Bouras E, Campbell PT, Casey G, Gallinger S, Gruber SB, Jenkins MA, Lin Y, Moreno V, Ruiz-Narvaez E, Stern MC, Tian Y, Tsilidis KK, Arndt V, Barry EL, Baurley JW, Berndt … Br J Cancer 2023 PLCO
A Genetic Locus within the FMN1/GREM1 Gene Region Interacts with Body Mass Index in Colorectal Cancer Risk. 37249599 Aglago EK, Kim A, Lin Y, Qu C, Evangelou M, Ren Y, Morrison J, Albanes D, Arndt V, Barry EL, Baurley JW, Berndt SI, Bien SA, Bishop DT, Bouras E, Brenner H, Buchanan DD, Budiarto A, Carreras-Torres R, Casey G, Cenggoro TW, Chan AT, Chang-Claude J, C… Cancer Res 2023 PLCO
Genetically proxied glucose-lowering drug target perturbation and risk of cancer: a Mendelian randomisation analysis. 37171501 Yarmolinsky J, Bouras E, Constantinescu A, Burrows K, Bull CJ, Vincent EE, Martin RM, Dimopoulou O, Lewis SJ, Moreno V, Vujkovic M, Chang KM, Voight BF, Tsao PS, Gunter MJ, Hampe J, Pellatt AJ, Pharoah PDP, Schoen RE, Gallinger S, Jenkins MA, Pai RK… Diabetologia 2023 PLCO
Combining Asian and European genome-wide association studies of colorectal cancer improves risk prediction across racial and ethnic populations. 37783704 Thomas M, Su YR, Rosenthal EA, Sakoda LC, Schmit SL, Timofeeva MN, Chen Z, Fernandez-Rozadilla C, Law PJ, Murphy N, Carreras-Torres R, Diez-Obrero V, van Duijnhoven FJB, Jiang S, Shin A, Wolk A, Phipps AI, Burnett-Hartman A, Gsur A, Chan AT, Zauber … Nat Commun 2023 PLCO
Elucidating the Risk of Colorectal Cancer for Variants in Hereditary Colorectal Cancer Genes. 37453563 Mahmood K, Thomas M, Qu C, Gecco-Ccfr Consortium, Hsu L, Buchanan DD, Peters U Gastroenterology 2023 PLCO
Validation of Total Water Intake from the Automated Self-Administered 24-h Recall, 4-d Food Records, and a Food Frequency Questionnaire Using Doubly Labeled Water. 37660952 Chang DC, Stinson EJ, Dodd KW, Bowles HR, Herrick KA, Schoeller DA, Barrett B, Votruba SB, Krakoff J, Kavouras SA J Nutr 2023 IDATA