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New NLST data: non-lung cancer and AJCC 7 lung cancer stage
Posted by CDAS Administrator on June 11, 2014, 1 a.m. in NLST

Data on non-lung cancer and AJCC 7 lung cancer stage have been added to the NLST datasets.

For all non-lung cancers diagnosed during NLST, the ICD-O-3 code and timing of diagnosis (days from randomization) are now available in the participant dataset.

For all lung cancers diagnosed during NLST, the overall AJCC 7 stage has been added to the participant dataset, and more detailed AJCC 7 information (pathologic and clinical TNM components) is in the lung cancer dataset.

All previously available data remain available and essentially unchanged. No datasets, variables, or records were deleted. A few existing variables had their values change.

  • In the progression dataset, the "site" variables were corrected so that every instance of lung cancer progression has data on the site of progression. Previously, some instances of progression had all site variables set to “No”, which was incorrect.
  • In the participant dataset, values were corrected (from “No” to “Missing”) for some baseline variables (work history, disease history). These changes should be inconsequential for most analyses. They affected fewer than 1000 participants, and no single variable changed for more than 202 participants.

New NLST lung cancer staging data added:

New NLST non-long cancer data added:

New PLCO cancer data added. Data version: may13.d051713

  • Biliary Cancer was identified as a cancer of interest. A new dataset is included for biliary cancer. The biliary dataset has the same structure as the existing cancer of interest datasets with the addition of variables bili_type and bili_type2nd, describing the specific nature of the biliary cancer.
  • Added to all cancer datasets:
    • dcf_unddeath_ccode - What is Cause of Death Cancer Code from Death Certificate?
    • f_unddeath_ccode - What is Final Underlying Cause of Death Cancer Code? These provide the 3 digit cancer code to describe cancers for which an ICD code has not yet been determined (e.g. reported cancers not yet confirmed).
  • Added to UPGI (upper GI) dataset (differentiates between stomach and esophagus):
    • dcf_dthupgi - Is UPGI Cancer The Underlying Cause Of Death (From The Death Certificate)?
    • f_dthupgi - Is UPGI Cancer The Underlying Cause Of Death?
  • Added to the endoscopy dataset (advanced):
    • de_prompt - Was the DEC prompted by a positive screen or by a cancer diagnosis?
    • screen_fsg - Was the Endoscopy a Screening FSG?
  • Larynx was added to the definition of head-and-neck cancer.
  • Colon tumor location variables were renamed :
    • colo_tumrloc_side becomes colon_location_side
    • colo_tumrloc_summary becomes colon_location_summary
    • Colon tumor location variables no longer tablulate insitu colon cancers

New PLCO questionnaire data added:

New PLCO ancillary study data added:

New PLCO lab data added:

The total PLCO population now has 154,898 participants. Over the course of the trial this number decreases due to participants withdrawing, improper consent at randomization or duplication at randomization.