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Principal Investigator
Thomas Yui Chi Hung
Detect Medical Technology Limited
Position Title
Data Scientist
About this CDAS Project
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Project ID
Initial CDAS Request Approval
Jan 26, 2024
Study of causal relationship between lifestyle and disease demographic with chest X-Ray imaging features in healthy patients
In an increasingly aging global population, it becomes crucial to conduct accurate research on age-related and lifestyle-related biomarkers in the general public. Chest X-ray images can serve as valuable indicators of visual changes that reflect cumulative damage caused by aging, chronic diseases, and lifestyle choices like smoking and diet. The primary objective of this study is to explore the causal relationship between various demographic factors in healthy patients and age-related chest X-ray features such as calcification, cardiac measurements, and aortic measurements, while also considering disease outcomes.

Aim 1: Utilize automated computer vision algorithms to extract common cardiac and aortic measurements from chest X-ray images obtained from different patient age groups and those with chronic diseases.

Aim 2: Employ causal inference techniques to identify confounding factors, considering both lifestyle choices and disease history of patients, in relation to chest X-ray features.

Aim 3: Establish normal and abnormal ranges of chest X-ray measurements in healthy aging patients who have no history or future development of heart diseases such as heart attacks and strokes. This will enable better identification of potential abnormalities and aid in early detection of related conditions.


Dr Mike Du, NDORMS Oxford
Debajyoti Chowdhurry, Baptist University of Hong Kong