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Principal Investigator
Summer Han
Stanford University
Position Title
Assistant Professor
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Initial CDAS Request Approval
Oct 27, 2020
Evaluating key determinants for the risk of second primary lung cancer among breast and colorectal cancer survivors using population-based screening trial data from the PLCO
Cancer survivors are rapidly increasing in number, with one third (5.4 million) of all cancer survivors are from breast (BC) and colorectal cancer (CRC). Major concerns for cancer survivors include the high risk of developing subsequent malignancies due to genetic susceptibility of hosts, potential harms from treatment (such as radiation) or other distinct exposures. Recent studies show that lung cancer (LC) is one of the most frequent subsequent cancers (i.e. second primary lung cancer (SPLC)) among BC and CRC survivors. While these survivors have high risk of SPLC and mortality, little is known about risk factors for SPLC. Moreover, no specific guidelines exist for cancer survivors who may benefit from tailored risk-based screening strategies that account for personalized treatment and exposure history. Therefore, we aim to identify risk factors, including cancer-specific treatment history, hormone receptor status, primary tumor characteristics, and lifestyle and behavioral factors, for SPLC and to develop risk prediction models for SPLC among survivors from BC and CRC respectively, to inform efficient risk-stratified survivorship strategies.

Our specific aims are to identify key determinants for SPLC risk and to build a model for predicting individual SPLC risk for BC and CRC survivors using population-based screening trial data from the PLCO with extended follow-up information via linkage to cancer registry data through 2017.


Summer Han (Stanford University),
Eunji Choi (Stanford University),
Victoria Ding (Stanford University),
Sophia Luo (Stanford University),
Justin Lee (Stanford University)

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