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Principal Investigator
Pamela Marcus
About this CDAS Project
PLCO (Learn more about this study)
Project ID
Initial CDAS Request Approval
Aug 13, 2009
Participant Tracking and Tracing in the PLCO and NLST/LSS Trials
The success of PLCO and NLST/LSS continues to rest upon the ability of screening centers to stay in touch with participants. Tracking efforts were necessary to keep track of participants' contact information. Tracing efforts were necessary when participants changed addresses or telephone numbers. This project will report on methods used by the screening centers to accomplish these tasks. Screening center staff will report on their experiences, which will form the basis of a manuscript. The purpose of this project is to provide the clinical trials community with valuable information on tracking and tracing in a large clinical trial.

There are no hypotheses to be tested. This is a descriptive manuscript. 1. Describe tracking and tracing methods: Indicate which methods were used at which centers. Describe the degree of success of each method. Discuss why some methods work and others did not. 2. Discuss lessons learned about tracking and tracing in a large clinical trial: Screening centers will discuss what they learned with the hope that others in the clinical trials community will benefit from this knowledge.


Amy Garrett (Georgetown)
Deb Engelhard (University of Minnesota)
Darlene Higgins (UAB)
Betsy Gahagan (University of Pittsburgh)
Gavin Watt (University of Minnesota)
Robin Haverman (Washington University)
Jill Cordes (University of Minnesota)
Jeff Childs (University of Utah)
Julie Varner (University of Utah)
Karen Browski (Henry Ford Hospital)
Karen Lappe (Marshfield)
Lisa Gren (University of Utah)
Lois Lamerato (Henry Ford Hospital)
Heidi Lowery (Washington University)
Colleen McGuire (Georgetown)
Mindy Geisser (University of Minnesota)
Deb Multerer (Marshfield)
Jeff Schragin (University of Pittsburgh)
Shannon Pretzel (Colorado)
Sheryl Ogden (Colorado)
Dee Sullivan
Vicki Jenkings (PHRI)
Bonita Wohler (St. Luke's)

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