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Title PubMed Id Authors Journal Abbreviation Year Studies
Use of Time and Energy on Exercise, Prolonged TV Viewing, and Work Days. 30031635 Matthews CE, Keadle SK, Saint-Maurice PF, Moore SC, Willis EA, Sampson JN, Berrigan D Am J Prev Med 2018 IDATA
Measurement of Active and Sedentary Behavior in Context of Large Epidemiologic Studies. 28930863 Matthews CE, Kozey Keadle S, Moore SC, Schoeller DS, Carroll RJ, Troiano RP, Sampson JN Med Sci Sports Exerc 2018 IDATA
Dietary and Physical Activity Outcomes Determine Energy Balance in U.S. Adults Aged 50-74. 29283747 Maziarz MP, Wang W, Ortiz A J Aging Phys Act 2017 IDATA