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Functional characterization of a multi-cancer risk locus on chr5p15.33 reveals regulation of TERT by ZNF148. 28447668 Fang J, Jia J, Makowski M, Xu M, Wang Z, Zhang T, Hoskins JW, Choi J, Han Y, Zhang M, Thomas J, Kovacs M, Collins I, Dzyadyk M, Thompson A, O'Neill M, Das S, Lan Q, Koster R, PanScan Consortium, TRICL Consortium, GenoMEL Consortium, Stolzenberg-Solo… Nat Commun 2017 PLCO
Computed tomographic findings in subjects who died from respiratory disease in the National Lung Screening Trial. 28424361 Pompe E, de Jong PA, Lynch DA, Lessmann N, Išgum I, van Ginneken B, Lammers JJ, Mohamed Hoesein FAA Eur. Respir. J. 2017 NLST
Nutritional metabolomics and breast cancer risk in a prospective study. 28659298 Playdon MC, Ziegler RG, Sampson JN, Stolzenberg-Solomon R, Thompson HJ, Irwin ML, Mayne ST, Hoover RN, Moore SC Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 2017 PLCO
Integrated Analysis of Biopsies from Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients Identifies SAA1 as a Link Between Mucosal Microbes with TH17 and TH22 Cells. 28806280 Tang MS, Bowcutt R, Leung JM, Wolff MJ, Gundra UM, Hudesman D, Malter LB, Poles MA, Chen LA, Pei Z, Neto AG, Abidi WM, Ullman T, Mayer L, Bonneau RA, Cho I, Loke P Inflamm. Bowel Dis. 2017 PLCO
Rare germline variants in known melanoma susceptibility genes in familial melanoma. 29036293 Goldstein AM, Xiao Y, Sampson J, Zhu B, Rotunno M, Bennett H, Wen Y, Jones K, Vogt A, Burdette L, Luo W, Zhu B, Yeager M, Hicks B, Han J, De Vivo I, Koutros S, Andreotti G, Beane-Freeman L, Purdue M, Freedman ND, Chanock SJ, Tucker MA, Yang XR Hum. Mol. Genet. 2017 PLCO
Oral Microbiome Composition Reflects Prospective Risk for Esophageal Cancers. 29196415 Peters BA, Wu J, Pei Z, Yang L, Purdue MP, Freedman ND, Jacobs EJ, Gapstur SM, Hayes RB, Ahn J Cancer Res. 2017 PLCO
The oral fungal mycobiome: characteristics and relation to periodontitis in a pilot study. 28701186 Peters BA, Wu J, Hayes RB, Ahn J BMC Microbiol. 2017 PLCO
The association between Dietary Inflammatory Index scores and the prevalence of colorectal adenoma. 28345504 Haslam A, Wagner Robb S, Hébert JR, Huang H, Wirth MD, Shivappa N, Ebell MH Public Health Nutr 2017 PLCO
"Nature versus Nurture" and the indigenous microbiome. 30246171 Hickman RA, Yang L, Pei Z J Public Health Emerg 2017 PLCO
Lung-RADS Category 4X: Does It Improve Prediction of Malignancy in Subsolid Nodules? 28339311 Chung K, Jacobs C, Scholten ET, Goo JM, Prosch H, Sverzellati N, Ciompi F, Mets OM, Gerke PK, Prokop M, van Ginneken B, Schaefer-Prokop CM Radiology 2017 NLST
Bromodomain protein 4 discriminates tissue-specific super-enhancers containing disease-specific susceptibility loci in prostate and breast cancer. 28359301 Zuber V, Bettella F, Witoelar A, PRACTICAL Consortium, CRUK GWAS, BCAC Consortium, TRICL Consortium, Andreassen OA, Mills IG, Urbanucci A BMC Genomics 2017 PLCO
On estimation of time-dependent attributable fraction from population-based case-control studies. 28099992 Zhao W, Chen YQ, Hsu L Biometrics 2017 PLCO
Dietary intake of isoflavones and coumestrol and the risk of prostate cancer in the Prostate, Lung, Colorectal and Ovarian Cancer Screening Trial. 29114854 Reger MK, Zollinger TW, Liu Z, Jones JF, Zhang J Int. J. Cancer 2017 PLCO
Risk prediction models for selection of lung cancer screening candidates: A retrospective validation study. 28376113 Ten Haaf K, Jeon J, Tammemägi MC, Han SS, Kong CY, Plevritis SK, Feuer EJ, de Koning HJ, Steyerberg EW, Meza R PLoS Med. 2017
Large-scale association analysis identifies new lung cancer susceptibility loci and heterogeneity in genetic susceptibility across histological subtypes. 28604730 McKay JD, Hung RJ, Han Y, Zong X, Carreras-Torres R, Christiani DC, Caporaso NE, Johansson M, Xiao X, Li Y, Byun J, Dunning A, Pooley KA, Qian DC, Ji X, Liu G, Timofeeva MN, Bojesen SE, Wu X, Le Marchand L, Albanes D, Bickeböller H, Aldrich MC, Bush… Nat. Genet. 2017 PLCO
Body weight trajectories and risk of oesophageal and gastric cardia adenocarcinomas: a pooled analysis of NIH-AARP and PLCO Studies. 28196067 Petrick JL, Kelly SP, Liao LM, Freedman ND, Graubard BI, Cook MB Br. J. Cancer 2017 PLCO
Prognostic Significance of Digital Rectal Examination and Prostate Specific Antigen in the Prostate, Lung, Colorectal and Ovarian (PLCO) Cancer Screening Arm. 27569432 Halpern JA, Shoag JE, Mittal S, Oromendia C, Ballman KV, Hershman DL, Wright JD, Shih YT, Nguyen PL, Hu JC J. Urol. 2017 PLCO
Prostate Specific Antigen-Growth Curve Model to Predict High-Risk Prostate Cancer. 27699819 Shoaibi A, Rao GA, Cai B, Rawl J, Haddock KS, Hébert JR Prostate 2017 PLCO
Clinical validation of a blood-based classifier for diagnostic evaluation of asymptomatic individuals with pulmonary nodules. 28694742 Birse CE, Tomic JL, Pass HI, Rom WN, Lagier RJ Clin Proteomics 2017 PLCO
A Novel Approach for Pathway Analysis of GWAS Data Highlights Role of BMP Signaling and Muscle Cell Differentiation in Colorectal Cancer Susceptibility - Erratum. 28228184 Mishra A, MacGregor S Twin Res Hum Genet 2017 PLCO