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There are four instruments that collect physical activity data by self reports.


The Community Health Activities Model Program (CHAMPS) Physical Activity Questionnaire (PAQ) is a self-administered computer questionnaire designed for older adults. Participants were asked to recall if they engaged in 40 specific activities in the last 4 weeks. The weekly frequency and duration were asked for each activity completed.

You may view data dictionaries and formats for the CHAMPS file. Datasets can be obtained by submitting a request.

Summary Available Data
  • Self-reported activity data
  • Recalls last 4 weeks
  • 2 administrations in the 1st & 6th months
  • 932 participants with results
    • 484 completed both administrations
    • 91 completed only the 1st
    • 357 completed only the 2nd
  • Overall summary of Caloric Expenditures per week
    • Caloric expenditure for all activities
    • Caloric expenditures for all exercise-related activities
    • Caloric expenditure for all moderate-intensity exercise-related activities (Exercise-related activities with MET value >= 3)
  • Caloric Expenditures for each activity
  • Metabolic Equivalents (METs) for each activity
  • Duration for each activity
  • Weekly frequencies for each activity