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There are three physical activity objective monitors and a single combined wear log covering both monitors.


The ActivPAL 3 physical activity monitor measures acceleration, body position, and ambulation (steps). Participants wore the ActivPAL 3 monitor two times during the study with six months between administrations. The monitor was placed on an adhesive patch and participants were instructed to attach the patch to the skin on the front of their right thigh, about a third of the way between the hip and knee. Participants were asked to wear the ActivPAL 3 monitors all day and night, including during sleep, for seven days, and to remove the monitors when showering, bathing, and swimming. Participants were asked to wear the monitor for seven days, but some participants chose to wear the monitor for additional days beyond the specified week. Instrument data has been processed by PALanalysis (v. for the TEAL algorithm and PALbatch (v. for the CREA algorithm.

Data are provided in two formats for both algorithms, 15-second epoch and activity event, while CREA has supporting day and admin summaries.

Click here for data dictionaries and formats for the ActivPAL files. Datasets can be obtained by submitting a request.

Summary Available Data
  • Monitor recorded data
  • Worn twice for 7 days:
    • Groups 1&3 in Month 0 and Month 6
    • Groups 2&4 in Month 6 and Month 11
  • ~930 participants with results
    • ~745 completed both administrations
    • ~110 completed only the 1st
    • ~80 completed only the 2nd


  • Date and times
  • Activity score metabolic equivalent (MET)
  • Step count
  • Body position
  • Transitions in body position (not in event file)


  • Admin and day based summary and count values