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Data-Only Studies
Biospecimen Studies

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Name Principal Investigator Institution Study Date Approved Project ID
Bias-correction of relative risks by robustly incorporating validation studies that include multiple methods of physical activity assessment and related biomarkers Xin Zhou Yale University IDATA Nov 7, 2019 IDATA-32
Establishing Equivalence of Commonly Used Physical Activity Measures Using Testing Equating Zezhao Chen University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign IDATA Aug 19, 2019 IDATA-28
Measurement error methods for wearable device data, treating daily measurements as imprecise draws from long-term average Dane Van Domelen Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health IDATA Apr 29, 2019 IDATA-30
Establishing a Physical Activity Regularity Index Seth Creasy University of Colorado Denver IDATA Mar 21, 2019 IDATA-29
Accuracy of physical activity and eating behavior assessment with diverse outcome measures in 50 - 74-year-old adults Alexis Ortiz Texas Woman's University-Houston IDATA Mar 21, 2019 IDATA-3
Temporal variation in the oral microbiota in the Interactive Diet and Activity Tracking in AARP Study Christian Abnet National Cancer Institute IDATA Dec 18, 2018 2018-0020
Comparative analysis of scoring methods for the Healthy Eating Index-2015 across three dietary assessment instruments in IDATA Edwina Wambogo National Institutes of Health IDATA Oct 16, 2018 IDATA-26
Functional Relationships between Body Composition, Energy Expenditure and Daily Food Intake Mark Hopkins University of Leeds IDATA Oct 9, 2018 IDATA-23
Harmonisation of physical activity measures Soren Brage MRC Epidemiology Unit, University of Cambridge IDATA Oct 2, 2018 IDATA-24
Use of previous-day recalls of physical activity and sedentary behavior in epidemiologic studies: results from four instruments Charles Matthews NCI / DCEG / Metabolic Epidemiology Branch IDATA Aug 27, 2018 IDATA-25
Characterizing Free-Living Stepping Behavior Kate Lyden KAL Research|Consulting, PAL Technologies IDATA May 14, 2018 IDATA-21
Revising free text inputs in physical activity self-report methods: Lessons from the ACT24 Robert Korycinski National Cancer Institute IDATA Jan 31, 2018 IDATA-20
Influence of accelerometer calibration approach on MVPA estimates for adults charles matthews NCI / DCEG / Metabolic Epidemiology Branch IDATA Jan 2, 2018 IDATA-19
Does Exclusion of Extreme Reporters of Energy Intake Make Results Less Biased in Nutrition Studies? Keisuke Ejima Indiana University IDATA Nov 20, 2017 IDATA-17
The interaction effect of sleep and physical activity on energy expenditure. Gregory Knell The University of Texas Health Science Center (UTHealth) at Houston IDATA Nov 13, 2017 IDATA-16
Association between total energy expenditure, physical activity, and sedentary time in older adults Erik Willis National Cancer Institute IDATA Nov 2, 2017 IDATA-18
Influence of exercise or prolonged television viewing days on physical activity and sedentary behaviors in older adults charles matthews NCI/DCEG IDATA Aug 8, 2017 IDATA-13
Temporal dietary patterns and diet quality Yikyung Park Washington University in St. Louis IDATA Jun 30, 2017 IDATA-11
Time-Varying Measurement Error Models Raymond Carroll Texas A&M University IDATA Jun 30, 2017 IDATA-10