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Data-Only Studies
Biospecimen Studies

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Name Principal Investigator Institution Study Date Approved Project ID
Lung disease detection and measuring algorithms on chest X ray images. Joseph Chui Ferrum Health, Inc. PLCO Jul 24, 2019 PLCO-491
Instrumental variable method Jung In Kim UNC-CH PLCO Jul 23, 2019 PLCO-213
Development and validation of a candidate selection model for lung cancer screening and a nodule risk prediction model using CT scans Hyungjin Kim Seoul National University Hospital NLST Jul 22, 2019 NLST-538
Lung Cancer Screening Platform Sean Finn VIDAcare NLST Jul 22, 2019 NLST-533
Advanced visual turing test of Generative Adversarial Networks using lung CT scans Pascal Michel Michel Ventures UG (haftungsbeschränkt) NLST Jul 22, 2019 NLST-535
Lung Nodule Analysis Apparao MLV Endimension Technology NLST Jul 22, 2019 NLST-539
Development and external validation of a lung nodule management system Hyunho Park VUNO Inc. NLST Jul 22, 2019 NLST-527
An update of the clinical and cost-effectiveness of lung cancer screening by low-dose CT Chris Hyde University of Exeter NLST Jul 18, 2019 NLST-519
Analysis of genetic variants in genome-wide level of colorectal cancer in multiple populations Yao Xue Nanjing Medical University PLCO Jul 18, 2019 PLCO-84
Developing automated algorithms for detection of lung pathology Lily Peng Google PLCO Jul 18, 2019 PLCO-204
Image Classification of LDCT for Computer-aided Lung Cancer Diagnosis Rachel Jennings UHG R&D NLST Jul 12, 2019 NLST-529
Validation of pre-trained deep learning algorithms on the PLCO Lung dataset Ammar Jagirdar PLCO Jul 11, 2019 PLCO-484
SMAIR VISION Zenyi Gómez Tecnologico de Monterrey NLST Jul 11, 2019 NLST-532
AI Driven Imaging Biomarkers Talha Qaiser AstraZeneca NLST Jul 11, 2019 NLST-528
New Machine Learning Methods for Lung Nodule Detection and Classification to Optimize Cancer Screening Maxine Tan Monash University Malaysia NLST Jul 11, 2019 NLST-522
Metabolomic profiling and bilary tract cancer risk Wei Zheng Vanderbilt University Medical Center PLCO Jul 10, 2019 2019-0004
Automatic musculoskeletal analysis of the spine in low dose chest CT scans using machine learning techniques Guillaume Chabin Siemens Medical USA Inc. NLST Jul 1, 2019 NLST-518
Infectious risk factors for non-Hodgkin and myeloid malignancies: a pooled analysis of prospective studies Lauren Teras American Cancer Society PLCO Jun 28, 2019 2019-0020
Pulmonary nodule diagnosis, follow-up recommendation and lung cancer prognosis Yi Xu Shanghai Jiao Tong University NLST Jun 25, 2019 NLST-517
Developing AI-based diagnostic system for lung cancer through joint business plan Taegyu Kim DEEPNOID NLST Jun 25, 2019 NLST-531