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Data-Only Studies
Biospecimen Studies

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Name Principal Investigator Institution Study Date Approved Project ID
Integrating Genomics and Metabolomics to Develop Predictive Models of Prostate Cancer in Multiethnic Men Burcu Darst University of Southern California PLCO Nov 26, 2019 PLCO-555
Associations of Dietary Inflammatory and Insulinemic Potential with Risk of Cancer Development Fred Tabung The Ohio State University College of Medicine PLCO Nov 25, 2019 PLCO-553
Evaluating the Impact of Preoperative Characteristics on Outcomes of Patients Undergoing Curative-intent Treatment in the NLST Chi-Fu Yang Stanford NLST Nov 25, 2019 NLST-607
Deep learning models to predict lung cancer malignancy Yufeng Deng Infervision US Inc. NLST Nov 25, 2019 NLST-604
Association of endogenous estrogens, estrogen metabolites, androgens and androgen metabolites with Ovarian Cancer Britton Trabert NIH PLCO Nov 21, 2019 2016-0047
Intelligent personable treatment recommendation Xiaoshui Huang The University of Sydney NLST Nov 15, 2019 NLST-584
A Comparison Between Multi Classification Algorithms on PLCO Colorectal Cancer Dataset Bawer Berwary Van Yuzuncu Yil University PLCO Nov 14, 2019 PLCO-533
Predicting Cancer diagnosis based on preliminary screenings Jonathan Mendoza Independent PLCO Nov 14, 2019 PLCO-532
Link-based survival additive models with mixed types of censoring. Giampiero Marra University College London PLCO Nov 14, 2019 PLCO-538
Optimizing Lung Cancer Early Detection by LDCT via Computer Vision Kingshuk Das AnimanDx Inc NLST Nov 14, 2019 NLST-602
Evaluation of Calcium scoring model on a Chest CT scans Ilyas Sirazitdinov Philips Innovation Labs RUS NLST Nov 14, 2019 NLST-603
Data mining study on clinical and imaging data for assessing cancer risk and estimating outcome Shandong Wu University of Pittsburgh, Department of Radiology PLCO Nov 14, 2019 PLCOI-519
Validating automated algorithms for detection of lung pathology Lily Peng Google NLST Nov 13, 2019 NLST-559
Drinking and pre-diagnosed BMI trajectories and their impact on the mortality of upper-gastrointestinal cancers in the PLCO population. Jianjun Li Sun Yat-Sen University Caner Center PLCO Nov 13, 2019 PLCO-546
Machine Learning Application of Cancer Data Analysis Mochen Li Purdue University PLCO Nov 13, 2019 PLCO-552
Predicting lung cancer recurrence with machine learning Flavio Calmon Harvard University PLCO Nov 13, 2019 PLCOI-522
Computer-Aided Diagnostic System for Lung Nodule Detection, Localization, Attribution, and Classification using Deep Learning Devon Bernard Hive Medical NLST Nov 13, 2019 NLST-601
Variability of Observer Interpretations and Lung-RADS Assignment Devon Bernard Hive Medical NLST Nov 13, 2019 NLST-600
Lung cancer CT screening efficacy beyond the NLST screening period Anton Schreuder Radboudumc NLST Nov 13, 2019 NLST-598
Using Region based Convolutional Neural Networks (RCNNs) and its variants to detect, classify, segment and predict lung cancer signatures from NLST data Pratik Shah Massachusetts Institute of Technology NLST Nov 13, 2019 NLST-599