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Data-Only Studies
Biospecimen Studies

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Name Principal Investigator Institution Study Date Approved Project ID
Colorectal cancer risk factors, risk prediction and blood-based biomarker by tumor consensus molecular subtype Jennifer Davis UT MD Anderson Cancer Center PLCO Oct 29, 2019 2018-0009
Application and evaluation of Deep Learning to Predict tumors in medical images annotated using crowdsourcing Aakanksha Sanctis Maastricht University,Intitute of Data Science NLST Oct 24, 2019 NLST-587
A Comparative Analysis of Lung Cancer Treatment in a Local and National Sample with Lung Cancer Lee Ann Johnson East Carolina University NLST Oct 24, 2019 NLST-581
Exploration of deep learning-based model's lung cancer screening capabilities. Seungwook Yang Samsung Electronics NLST Oct 24, 2019 NLST-579
Lung cancer imaging biomarker development on computed tomography using artificial intelligence Shazia Akbar Altis Labs NLST Oct 24, 2019 NLST-588
Lung cancer imaging biomarker development on computed tomography using artificial intelligence Julia Publicover University Health Network NLST Oct 24, 2019 NLST-575
Correlate quantitative CT features with long-term outcomes in patients with early signs of fibrosis Joseph Jacob University College London NLST Oct 11, 2019 NLST-543
Development and validation of a computer-aided diagnosis system for lung cancer screening CHANG MO NAM monitor corporation NLST Oct 11, 2019 NLST-580
Individualized treatment decisions for prostate cancer using prostate cancer specific and other-cause mortality predictors Matthew Schipper University of Michigan PLCO Oct 10, 2019 PLCO-512
Tobacco smoking is associated with increased tumor grade and stage and grade along with the mucinous carcinoma histopathologic type. Rodger Rothenberger University of Cincinnati PLCO Oct 10, 2019 PLCO-534
Ethnic differences in colorectal cancer incidence: the role of lifestyle risk factors Ivana Kulhanova Faculty of Science, Charles University PLCO Oct 10, 2019 PLCO-507
Serum Testosterone and Subsequent Risk of Urologic and Non-Urologic Cancer Joshua Halpern Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine PLCO Oct 10, 2019 PLCO-528
Development and evaluation of a retrieval system for a medical image database Georg Langs ContextFlow GmbH NLST Oct 10, 2019 NLST-253
Research on pathological image processing of lung cancer based on deep learning Fang Tian Department of Computer Technology and Applications, Qinghai University NLST Oct 9, 2019 NLST-563
CNN-Driven Quasiconformal Model for Large Deformation Image Registration Lok Ming Lui The Chinese University of Hong Kong NLST Oct 8, 2019 NLST-569
A Computer Tool for Aiding in Accurate Assessment of Indeterminate Lung Nodules Xin Meng International Informatics Solution Laboratory LLC NLST Oct 8, 2019 NLST-571
Image feature extraction with deep learning for mortality risk stratification on low-dose lung computed tomography Chang-Fu Kuo Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taoyuan, Taiwan NLST Oct 8, 2019 NLST-572
Use of deep learning to predict response of treatment for late stage lung cancer patients. Monika Mehta SGInnovate - Entrepreneur First PLCO Oct 8, 2019 PLCOI-531
Pan-cancer analyses of imaging-clinical phenotype associations Kun-Hsing Yu Harvard Medical School PLCO Oct 8, 2019 PLCOI-523
Assessing the interrelationship between different breast cancer diagnostic parameters and their overall effects on patient survival using machine learning tools Balint Balint University of Debrecen PLCO Oct 8, 2019 PLCO-524