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Data-Only Studies
Biospecimen Studies

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Name Principal Investigator Institution Study Date Approved Project ID
Who Participates in Clinical Trials Lois Lamerato Henry Ford Health System PLCO Jul 1, 2006 2006-0162
Prostate Cancer Dietary Factors - Antioxidative Vitamins, Dietary Supplements Victoria Kirsh NCI, DCEG, OEEB PLCO Jul 1, 2006 2006-0009
Breast Cancer-BMI, Energy Intake, Physical Activity Shih-Chen Chang NCI, DCEG, NEB PLCO Jul 1, 2006 2006-0050
Diet Questionnaire Response Rates Amy Subar NCI, DCCPS, RFMMB PLCO Jul 1, 2006 2006-0241
Estimating Lead Time, Sojourn Time and Sensitivity Through Modeling Paul Pinsky NCI, DCP, EDRG PLCO Jul 1, 2006 2006-0014
TGFB1 and Associated Cell-Cycle Genes in Prostate in the PLCO Trial (TGFB1, e-cadherin, MMPs, gene variants) Richard Hayes NCI, DCEG, OEEB PLCO Jul 1, 2006 2006-0138
Understanding Factors Related to Prostate, Lung, and Colorectal Cancer Screening Among African American Men Marvella Ford Medical University of South Carolina Hollings Cancer Center PLCO Jul 1, 2006 2006-0089
Variability Across Examiners in Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Performance Paul Pinsky NCI, DCP, EDRG PLCO Jul 1, 2006 2006-0218
Applying Micro-simulation Model of Ovarian Cancer Screening to PLCO Data Nicole Urban Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Cancer PLCO Jul 1, 2006 2006-0253
The Association of Family History and SES with Advanced/Aggressive Prostate Tumors in PLCO Robert Greenlee Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation PLCO Jul 1, 2006 2006-0113
Impact of Prostate Size on Screening for Prostate Cancer PSA Level, Correlation Between Prostate Size recorded on TRUS and DRE, and the PPV of the Prostate Bx Paul Pinsky NCI, DCP, EDRG PLCO Jul 1, 2006 2006-0213
Study of Effectiveness of Computer Aided Detection of Missed Cancers Matthew Freedman Georgetown University PLCO Jul 1, 2006 2006-0095
Results of Screening for Ovarian Cancer for T0-T3 Edward Partridge University of Alabama PLCO Jul 1, 2006 2006-0198
Colorectal Adenoma -Dietary Factors Glycemic Index/ Glycemic Load Andrew Flood University of Minnesota PLCO Jul 1, 2006 2006-0082
Breast Cancer Detection in Intervention versus Control Arms Saundra Buys University of Utah PLCO Jul 1, 2006 2006-0045
RNASEL Genetics Sarah Daughterty NCI, DCEG, OEEB PLCO Jul 1, 2006 2006-0070
Questionnaire Risk Factors and Multiple Disease Outcomes in PLCO Wen-Yi Huang NCI, DCEG, OEEB PLCO Jul 1, 2006 2006-0321
Quality of Life in Men Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and in a Healthy Cohort Katherine Taylor Georgetown University - Lombardi Center PLCO Jul 1, 2006 2006-0248
CA-125 Velocity Jian-Lun Xu NCI, DCP, BRG PLCO Jul 1, 2006 2006-0043
NOS Genetics Daehee Kang NCI, DCEG, OEEB PLCO Jul 1, 2006 2006-0005