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Here you can browse the complete list of projects on CDAS whose requests for data/biospecimens were approved.

Data-Only Studies
Biospecimen Studies
Name Principal Investigator Institution Study Date Approved Project ID
Diabetes and risk of incident breast cancer in the PLCO cohort Pamela Marcus NCI, DCP, BRG PLCO Aug 5, 2010 2010-0231
Risk of renal cell carcinoma in relation to telomere length and mtDNA copy number in peripheral blood lymphocytes Jonathan Hofmann NCI, DCEG, OEEB PLCO Jul 19, 2010 2009-0549
Bisphosphonates as Chemoprevention Sharon Hensley Alford Henry Ford Health System PLCO Jul 8, 2010 2009-0264
Identification and characterization of common genetic variants associated with circulating CA-125 Hannah Yang NCI, DCEG, HREB PLCO Jul 1, 2010 2010-0092
Genetic susceptibility to endometrial cancer risk in PLCO Nicolas Wentzensen MD NCI, DCEG, HREB PLCO Jun 3, 2010 2010-0050
A genome-wide association study of non-Hodgkin lymphoma Sonja Berndt NCI, DCEG, OEEB PLCO Jun 3, 2010 2010-0008
Metabolomic profiles as predictors of colorectal cancer risk Rashmi Sinha NCI/DCEG PLCO Jun 3, 2010 2010-0047
Assessing the predictive ability of a group of ovarian biomarkers Paul Pinsky NCI, DCP, EDRG PLCO May 13, 2010 2010-0070
A genome wide association study of alcohol intake Neal Freedman NCI, DCEG, NEB PLCO Apr 29, 2010 2010-0051
Lifestyle risk factors for head and neck cancer Mia Hashibe University of Utah PLCO Apr 29, 2010 2010-0067
Genetic Determinants (including from GWAS) of Serum Micronutrient Concentrations Demetrius Albanes NCI, DCEG, NEB PLCO Apr 22, 2010 2010-0069
Epigenotyping in Peripheral Blood Cell DNA and Risk of Breast Cancer Susan Sturgeon UMASS Amherst PLCO Mar 10, 2010 2009-0553
Predicting vertebral fractures from density heterogeneity Yener Yeni Henry Ford Health System NLST Mar 1, 2010 201003-0002
Contribution to consortial activities for clarifying the etiology of male breast cancers Louise Brinton NCI, DCEG, HREB PLCO Jan 28, 2010 2008-0252
Screen for Rare Alleles by Deep Resequencing of Colorectal Cancer Cases Ulrike Peters Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center PLCO Jan 28, 2010 2009-0554
Serum Estrogens and Subsequent Risk of Prostate Cancer Amanda Black NCI, DCEG, EBP PLCO Jan 28, 2010 2009-0562
Identification of factors associated with development and progression of monoclonal B-cell lymphocytosis (MBL) Ola Landgren Other (Specify) PLCO Jan 27, 2010 2009-0561
Serum IgE and Risk of Pancreatic Cancer Sara Olson Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center PLCO Jan 27, 2010 2009-0563
A Mendelian randomization study of diabetes mellitus and prostate cancer risk Brandon Pierce University of Chicago PLCO Jan 21, 2010 2009-0094
Modifying Effects of Variant Oxidative Stress Related Genes in Relation to Prostate Cancer Outcomes LaCreis Kidd University of Louisville PLCO Jan 21, 2010 2009-0244