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Principal Investigator
Axel Niendorf
Prof. Dr.
MVZ Prof. Dr. med. A. Niendorf Pathologie Hamburg-West GmbH
Position Title
Head of Institute
About this CDAS Project
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Project ID
Initial CDAS Request Approval
Sep 17, 2021
Epidemiologic investigation of breast cancer cases diagnosed in a large histopathological practice
The Pathology Hamburg West is a private practice (owned by Prof. Axel Niendorf, who is also a professor of pathology at the University of Hamburg) with a special interest in breast pathology. We are currently diagnosing approximately 3000 cases of breast cancer per year. Based on a positive vote by the ethics committee of the General Medical Council for the city of Hamburg we are regularly sending out follow up questionnaires and we have created a large breast cancer tumour data bank. We are currently working on epidemiological studies as well as experimental studies mainly by doing morphological (immunohistochemistry) as well as molecular investigations (RT-PCR and NGS) in selected cases. We are furthermore interested in the development of advanced histopathological approaches by means of machine learning-based image analysis. Our most recent epidemiological investigation has been published in Cancers (Wegscheider, A.-S.; Ulm, B.; Friedrichs, K.; Lindner, C.; Niendorf, A. Altona Prognostic Index: A New Prognostic Index for ER-Positive and Her2-Negative Breast Cancer of No Special Type. Cancers 2021, 13, 3799.

One major interest is benchmarking our cases and compare them with an external collective. This is important on two levels: descriptive statistics and outcome results. Only this comparison can guarantee the relevance of results generated on the basis of our own numbers. In our experience the SEER dataset is too large and too inhomogeneous and other available datasets seem to have an important selection bias. Therefore we will be very grateful to have access to the HIP dataset.


Dr. med. Anne-Sophie Wegscheider, MVZ Pathologie Hamburg-West
Anna Catharina Richter, MVZ Pathologie Hamburg-West
Bernhard Ulm, MVZ Pathologie Hamburg-West
Denise Helmer, MVZ Pathologie Hamburg-West