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Explore the Minnesota Colon Cancer Control Study
Access to Data

The following MINN dataset(s) are available for delivery on CDAS. For each dataset, a Data Dictionary that describes the data is publicly available. In order to obtain the actual data in SAS or CSV format, you must begin a data-only request. Data will be delivered once the project is approved and data transfer agreements are completed.

Datasets and Data Dictionaries

Data Dictionary
(PDF - 317.2 KB)
1. The Summary Person dataset includes variables that were directly copied, transposed into arrays, or derived from the master files.
Data Dictionary
(PDF - 45.2 KB)
2. The Slides Returned dataset includes the results of slide sets returned by participants.
Data Dictionary
(PDF - 58.8 KB)
3. The Screen Results dataset includes the screening results.
Data Dictionary
(PDF - 216.4 KB)
4. The Exam Report dataset includes the examination report form.
Data Dictionary
(PDF - 78.6 KB)
5. The Polyp Report dataset includes the polyp report form and the polyp pathology report form.