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Here you can browse the complete list of projects for NLST whose requests for data/biospecimens were approved.

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Name Principal Investigator Institution Study Date Approved Project ID
Automated classification/ detection of Incidental Findings in LCS scans Colin Jacobs Radboud University Medical Center NLST Jun 17, 2024 NLST-1268
Analyzing the Utility of Smoking Cessation Requirements in the Morbidity and Mortality of Current and Former Smokers Undergoing Lung Resection Robert Van Haren University of Cincinnati Medical Center NLST Jun 17, 2024 NLST-1262
Developing an AI diagnostic model for lung cancer based on deep learning algorithms using histopathology images and imaging images Wenchuan Zhang Department of pathology of West China hospital,China NLST May 29, 2024 NLST-1261
AI-based multi-dimensional characterization of pulmonary nodules to improve lung cancer screening Francesco Sforazzini Siena Imaging SRL NLST May 29, 2024 NLST-1257
Predicting mortality risk using cardiac LDCT regions chen yingchi National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University NLST May 16, 2024 NLST-1255
Using foundation model for cardiovascular disease detection. Xiaofeng Yang Emory University NLST May 16, 2024 NLST-1249
Nodule risk assessment Scott Morris Maverix Medical NLST May 16, 2024 NLST-1252
Underlying risk of developing and dying from lung cancer Louise Henderson University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill NLST May 16, 2024 NLST-1248
To develop a prediction model for non-small cell lung cancer based on radiomics Yang Ruiyi China Medical University NLST May 16, 2024 NLST-1246
Research on the evolutionary algorithm of CT images and pathological images based on multiple time scales Lijing Sun Nanjing Tech University NLST May 16, 2024 NLST-1250
Comparing Non-Malignancy Rate Definitions Utilizing the NLST Cohort Christopher Caruso University of Pennsylvania NLST May 16, 2024 NLST-1245
5DCT Radiation Oncology RICKY SAVJANI University of California Los Angeles NLST Apr 29, 2024 NLST-1240
Self-supervised Pyramid Mask Transformer for Universal Chest CT Prognosis Pre-training Zhexin Chen Southeast University NLST Apr 29, 2024 NLST-1238
From clinical trials to real world practice: health status of community-dwelling veterans receiving lung cancer screening compared to randomized trial participants Alison Rustagi University of California, San Francisco NLST Apr 18, 2024 NLST-1236
Evaluating the Cost-Effectiveness of the Sybil Model for Lung Nodule Surveillance in Cancer Screening Kei Chuen Ma Massachusetts Institute of Technology NLST Apr 18, 2024 NLST-1235
Conformalized Survival Analysis from Whole Slide Histopathological Images Qian Zhao Department of Statistics, Xi'an Jiaotong University NLST Apr 12, 2024 NLST-1232
Development and external validation of a deep learning model for lung cancer pathological grading Runhuang Yang China Capital Medical University NLST Apr 12, 2024 NLST-1231
Cardiovascular disease prediction model based on multi-perspective contrast learning method zikai xiao The Cyberspace Institute of Advanced Technology, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou, China NLST Apr 10, 2024 NLST-1229
Optimization of nodule management strategies in lung cancer screening for high-risk populations Tiantian Zhang Jinan University NLST Apr 10, 2024 NLST-1228
Screening lung cancer from CT scans through deep learning and assistive AI Amulya Mathur Carnegie Mellon University NLST Apr 2, 2024 NLST-1225