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Data-Only Studies
Biospecimen Studies

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Name Principal Investigator Institution Study Date Approved Project ID
Is 6 month an appropriate follow-up interval for LungRADS category 3 cases? Edward Patz Duke University School of Medicine NLST Aug 21, 2019 NLST-541
Developing a classifier of smoking history from chest x-ray images Hormuzd Katki NCI/DCEG PLCO Aug 21, 2019 PLCOI-514
Establishing Equivalence of Commonly Used Physical Activity Measures Using Testing Equating Zezhao Chen University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign IDATA Aug 19, 2019 IDATA-28
Extracting Image Features with Deep Learning to Improve Cancer Risk Calculation Hormuzd Katki NCI NLST Aug 16, 2019 NLST-537
Transformer on Survival Analysis on Whole Slide Pathological Images Donglin Di Tsinghua University NLST Aug 14, 2019 NLST-542
Pulmonary nodule detection with deep learning Ji Park JLK-INSPECTION NLST Aug 14, 2019 NLST-551
Prophet: Deep Learning to Predict the Early Onset of Cancers Ariel Elizarov Lazarus PLCO Aug 13, 2019 PLCOI-505
Male pattern baldness and risk of mortality and cancer outcomes Wen-Yi Huang National Cancer Institute, NIH PLCO Aug 12, 2019 PLCO-223
Associations of dietary Choline, Carnitine, and Betaine with Colorectal Cancer Risk Doratha Byrd National Cancer Institute PLCO Aug 12, 2019 PLCO-506
3D Visualization and segmentation of lung CT William Daughton Curemetrix, Inc. NLST Aug 12, 2019 NLST-550
Contribution of Inherited Risk to the Development of Ovarian Carcinoma in the PLCO Trial Barbara Norquist University of Washington PLCO Aug 12, 2019 2019-0022
Computational prediction of treatment outcome by machine learning Matloob Khushi School of Computer Science PLCO Aug 9, 2019 PLCO-496
Automatic Computer-aided Lung Cancer Diagnosis by Deep Learning Yin Wang Tongji University NLST Aug 8, 2019 NLST-545
Lung Cancer Diagnosis using Artificial Intelligence Shital Bhatt MBIT NLST Aug 8, 2019 NLST-547
Validation of ovarian cancer metabolomics risk factors and early detection markers Shelley Tworoger Moffitt Cancer Center PLCO Aug 2, 2019 2019-0021
Impact of a Commercial Deep learning-based Algorithm in Advancing Lung Cancer Detection on the Screening with Chest Radiographs. JU NAM Seoul National University Hospital PLCO Jul 25, 2019 PLCO-489
Development and validation of a candidate selection model for lung cancer screening using low-dose CT Hyungjin Kim Seoul National University Hospital PLCO Jul 25, 2019 PLCO-492
Artificial intelligence for detection of obstructive airway disease and malignant pulmonary nodules Majid Afshar Loyola University Medical Center NLST Jul 25, 2019 NLST-520
Applying econometric methods to examine heterogeneity in the impact of lung cancer screening Amanda Kowalski National Bureau of Economic Research NLST Jul 25, 2019 NLST-536
Lung disease detection and measuring algorithms on chest X ray images. Joseph Chui Ferrum Health, Inc. PLCO Jul 24, 2019 PLCO-491