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Data-Only Studies
Biospecimen Studies

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Name Principal Investigator Institution Study Date Approved Project ID
Analyses using GWAS data from PLCO to evaluate genetic impact on colorectal screening and outcomes Wen-Yi Huang National Cancer Institute PLCO Dec 11, 2019 PLCO-560
Magnesium intake and primary liver cancer incidence and mortality in the Prostate, Lung, Colorectal and Ovarian Cancer Screening Trial Guo-Chao Zhong The Second Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University PLCO Dec 11, 2019 PLCO-559
Classification of Lung Cancer Cells using deep learning algorithms Chris Chatwin University of Sussex NLST Dec 6, 2019 NLST-614
Selection of Eligible People for Lung Cancer Screening using Electronic Primary Care Data (SELECT) Aamir Khakwani University of Nottingham NLST Dec 5, 2019 NLST-611
Lung Cancer Identification Through Artificial Neural Network Marco Domenico Santambrogio Politecnico di Milano NLST Dec 2, 2019 NLST-612
Prediction of Lung cancer and mortality using machine learning and deep learning Thu Cao Columbia University Medical Center NLST Nov 26, 2019 NLST-609
Integrating Genomics and Metabolomics to Develop Predictive Models of Prostate Cancer in Multiethnic Men Burcu Darst University of Southern California PLCO Nov 26, 2019 PLCO-555
Associations of Dietary Inflammatory and Insulinemic Potential with Risk of Cancer Development Fred Tabung The Ohio State University College of Medicine PLCO Nov 25, 2019 PLCO-553
Evaluating the Impact of Preoperative Characteristics on Outcomes of Patients Undergoing Curative-intent Treatment in the NLST Chi-Fu Yang Stanford NLST Nov 25, 2019 NLST-607
Deep learning models to predict lung cancer malignancy Yufeng Deng Infervision US Inc. NLST Nov 25, 2019 NLST-604
Association of endogenous estrogens, estrogen metabolites, androgens and androgen metabolites with Ovarian Cancer Britton Trabert NIH PLCO Nov 21, 2019 2016-0047
Use of Radiomics and AI To Predict Malignancy in Indeterminate Lung Nodules Richard Lee The Royal Marsden Hospital NLST Nov 19, 2019 NLST-593
Intelligent personable treatment recommendation Xiaoshui Huang The University of Sydney NLST Nov 15, 2019 NLST-584
A Comparison Between Multi Classification Algorithms on PLCO Colorectal Cancer Dataset Bawer Berwary Van Yuzuncu Yil University PLCO Nov 14, 2019 PLCO-533
Predicting Cancer diagnosis based on preliminary screenings Jonathan Mendoza Independent PLCO Nov 14, 2019 PLCO-532
Link-based survival additive models with mixed types of censoring. Giampiero Marra University College London PLCO Nov 14, 2019 PLCO-538
Optimizing Lung Cancer Early Detection by LDCT via Computer Vision Kingshuk Das AnimanDx Inc NLST Nov 14, 2019 NLST-602
Evaluation of Calcium scoring model on a Chest CT scans Ilyas Sirazitdinov Philips Innovation Labs RUS NLST Nov 14, 2019 NLST-603
Data mining study on clinical and imaging data for assessing cancer risk and estimating outcome Shandong Wu University of Pittsburgh, Department of Radiology PLCO Nov 14, 2019 PLCOI-519
Validating automated algorithms for detection of lung pathology Lily Peng Google NLST Nov 13, 2019 NLST-559